Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Police List

Here are the names and details of all those charged with protecting Cambridge from the undesirable elements of society:

Rank Pseudonym Real Name Email Address Address College Water Weapons Status Notes
Chef of Police Sweet Gorilla Of Manila Martin O'Leary mewo2 at Room 3, 1 Madingley Road St John's College No Water My girlfriend spends considerable portions of her time in my room. Please do not kill her. She can be distinguished from me by her girly long hair.
Commissar "In Soviet Russia, target kills you!" Tom Booth tjgb2 at 24 Parkside, room 1. Peterhouse Full Water Mind computer by window, although it should be fairly obvious what not to shoot.
Minister of Interior design White Rabbit Richard Gibson rsig2 at C3 Angel Court, The College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity. Trinity College Full Water Apart from being a special boy? None.
Agent Tyr James Appleton jma55 at B4a Girton College Water With Care I am an ASNaC.
Agent Rakka Jenny Chase jmc80 at Big room at the back, 217 Arbury Road Girton College Water With Care Polymers and Colloids department, Cavendish. Should probably be oob when carrying glassware and going purposefully between labs, but not if sitting around drinking coffee.
Constable Foxy's Angels Lauren Grest lsg24 at Peile 302 Newnham Newnham College No Water
Constable Dego the Spanish Jester Niraj Modha nm328 at B3 Robinson College No Water
Constable Oook Stephen Chester sjc221 at 35 Jesus Lane room 7 Jesus College No Water Lives in a shared house.
Visiting Officer Rohan Slayer of Incos Rowan Edmondson rhe23 at E10 Selwyn College No Water
Constable PJ Paul Fox pjf33 at Room 4, 11 Malcolm Street Jesus College Water With Care mind the computer opposite the door, Shared Pigeonholes.
Rosa Foetida en bouton Le Chef Martin Mariusz Lester mml27 at Room 6, 4 Mortimer Road Gonville and Caius Colleg Full Water known as Maz. Full Water, but please be sensible. In particular, mind the computers about 3 metres behind the door. lol internet
Constable Alan Bitchmarch, the sequel. Peter Myerson C62, Harvey Court Gonville and Caius Colleg No Water
Constable March hare. Rare. Martyn Fredlund mjf58 at a14 Harvey Court Gonville and Caius Colleg Water With Care
Constable good wafflecopters stick together Alex Labram ajl59 at Room 7, 69 Jesus Lane Christ's College Water With Care Lives in a shared house.
Constable Roflcopter Ajax Ed Heaney eah36 at Room 8, 69 Jesus Lane Christ's College No Water Lives in a shared house
Constable Holberg Felicity Boyce fcab2 at D5 New Hall Water With Care
Constable Spingu Schmingu Nick Plummer nrp28 at A12, Harvey Court Gonville and Caius Colleg No Water Allergies to nuts, fish, egg, dairy.
Minister of Truth Matthew Johnson mjj29 at Room 1, 36 Emery Street Trinity Hall No Water I live in a shared house, please be considerate of the other residents. I may well be found at my Fiancee's house which is 6 Petworth Street. This house is also shared. I am the secretary of the CU Bowmen and shoot at Kelsie Kerridge on Thursdays and Sundays. I am the Trinity Hall MCR Computing Officer (there are committee meetings every Monday evening). I am listed as a member of the Engineering Department, but my office is actually in the Computer Laborotory. I also run a Scout troop in Chesterton on Wednesdays - the Scout meeting itself and any time we have scouts or parents around (anywhere on the meeting premises, for example) is _strictly_ out of bounds. I often attend the University Bridge Club on Thursdays. If you want to take the bus to my house, the C2 `McKenzie Road' stop is just outside my house.
Constable Gnomic Edward Saperia es334 at Room 1, 70 Jesus Lane Christ's College Water With Care Mind the computer. And the papers, lives in a shared house.
Constable an incompetent chump Jack Eaton jme41 at P13 Trinity Hall Water With Care
Community service agent. Conner Ben Swire brs29 at 424 WH, Homerton Homerton College No Water Homerton college porters have been recently quite vigilant about those on site who are not college members. a photographic ID is preferable if you are caught by them sneaking in. Engineer.
Community service agent Fizzelwick Jr. Christopher J Jenkins cjj24 at Benson J2 Magdalene College No Water known as Kit.
Community service agent paper cuts Philip Bridge pob21 at R2b King's College No Water
Community service agent Evil Manhunt Munchkin Lucy Sandbach lrs29 at E12 Newnham College No Water
Alan Bitchmarsh 2 Peter Myerson Pem33 at C62, Harvey Court Gonville and Caius Colleg No Water
Mummy thinks Im a special agent Indefectable Philip Bielby pmb45 at A27 Harvey Court APU No Water

These have gone to the great doughnut shop in the sky:

Rank Pseudonym Real Name College
Chief of police Durandal, high lord of the fryingpan Chris Knowles St John's College
Superintendent ck uno Chris Korek Pembroke College
Intergalactic coastguard of fun-fun-love Cornelius T. Parrot, Bloodthirsty Pirate and his trusty cabin boy Michael Richards None
Agent Raccoon 2 Michael Wallace Trinity College
"special" Spingu too! Nick Plummer Gonville and Caius Colleg
Constable a rounding error Callum Dawes Peterhouse
Constable Levia-Dragon - Daedalus, Protector of the ancient world, all that lives therein and the one holy angel who strikes down upon the three villains of the other plane Stephen McCann King's College
Visiting Officer Censer Jamie Karran Trinity College
Constable an earthworm James Gooding King's College
Constable George Yianni's innocent roommate Adam Biltcliffe Clare College
Constable Gully Foyle Simeon Bird Pembroke College
Constable Woozy Numbat Ian Abel Trinity Hall
Constable La langue Steve Mounsey Homerton College
Constable Robette Absinthe Edward Ullathorne Fitzwilliam College
Constable Is this a horse or a dog? James McLeod Selwyn College
Constable imhotep Bryony Baines Gonville and Caius Colleg
Constable ck duo Chris Korek Pembroke College
Constable The Incomponator Lee Harper Clare College
Constable guns don't kill people, people do, and monkeys do too (if they have a gun). Haibo E New Hall
Constable Rabid Squirrel Russ Williams Clare College
Constable Friendly Fluffy Rabbit! Rachel White New Hall
Constable Raccoon Michael Wallace Trinity College
Constable Pig Of Genius! Mike Morley Trinity College
Constable Giles Caulderwood James Wardley Queens' College
Community service agent Melpomene Alex Hassan Robinson College
Constable Syphillis Callum Dawes Peterhouse
Community Service Agent the Roasted Rooster Ying Chow New Hall
"Special" Agent Giles Caulderwood 2 James Wardley Queens' College
"Special" Agent Complete Muppet Chris Knowles St John's College
"Special" agent The Indefectible One, too! Philip Bielby APU

And these are the names of those who turned to the dark side of the Force, and paid the price:

Rank Pseudonym Real Name College Crime
Agent Spingu Nick Plummer Gonville and Caius Colleg Consorting with Del Ahmed and buying him kebabs.
Agent William Wordsworth pushing up the daffodils Ben Jones Selwyn College Ambushing the Police
Constable The Indefectible One Philip Bielby APU Shooting an innocent.
Constable mr. ninja Adam Hall Gonville and Caius Colleg Drunkenly arguing with a criminal about X-Men for several hours.
Constable chesney hawks Carl Whitehead Selwyn College Ambushing the Police
Constable Alan Bitchmarsh and the Yorkshire Rap Collective Peter Myerson Gonville and Caius Colleg Consorting with Del Ahmed
Constable Black cat Thomas Pope Magdalene College Associating with Tom Pugh.
Community Service Agent Raphael Del Ahmed Gonville and Caius Colleg attacking the police

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