Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Wanted List

This is the List of wanted players.

Everyone has been a good boy.

Police who have succumbed....

Real Name Pseudonym Address College Water Weapons Status Crime Notes
Del Ahmed Raphael II a21 Harvey Court Gonville and Caius Colleg No Water Using water in a no water zone. allergic to kiwi fruit.
Hannah Burton Sista 2091 Linden Ave, Apt 4 Memphis, TN 38104 Trinity College No Water Trying to bribe the Umpire (No comment is made as to what for.) Subject: mathematics.

Inevitably, this happens....

Name Pseudonym Crime
David Stephen Hall Milk-Free Killing two innocents who looked like his target.
Rosemary Warner Bertie Dirch Mass poisoning, offering The Umpire jaffa cakes
Lucy Sandbach Comrade Krasnei attempted mass poisoning.
Christopher J Jenkins Rocking the Kaz Bar attacking an illegal target
Sarah Tang Wrath AKA Dick Grayson, the original Robin Boy Wonder, apprentice to the Dark Knight and trapeze artist incomparable killing innocents.
Ross Edmondson Ash Trying to hit-and-run
Philip Bridge Paper Cuts Shooting innocents. Not eating his breakfast. Poisoning multiple doorhandles, killing police. The regular stuff.
Duncan Brewer The Gentleman Assassin Shooting three innocents, confusing boys and girls, ambushing the police force and killing two of them, killing the CoP... and laughing about it.
Edward Mitchell Terranova AKA Terpsichore Making an illegal attempt
Martin Mariusz Lester Cheddar Gorge AKA Le Chef Girlicide
Lee Lewin Deebo Kiling innocents
Benjamin Jones their rebelious left hand Shooting a ping-pong player.
Tom Booth "In Soviet Russia, target kills you!" Having a really poor aim.
Del Ahmed Raphael Shooting an innocent.
Johannes Nordström The Horrible Awful Microsoft Office Paperclip Assistant Killing an innocent.
Ying Chow The Roasted Rooster Poisoning the milk of innocents.
Alex Hassan Melpomene Using water in a no water zone.
Ben Swire Conner Shooting an innocent.
Charlotte Heron Mademoiselle Noire attempted mass poisoning.

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