Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - The Duel

The duel took place on Mon 1st Dec at 2pm in the sidestreets and alleyways near Jesus Green.
Competitors were Tom Flynn, Jonny Phillips, James Brotherson and Andrew Raison. Vamsee Bheemireddy was unable to attend at the last minute, and no live players were present to take his place.

kills were as follows:

The duel was a excellent ending to a good game, a protracted gunfight that lasted around an hour, full of evasion and hunting, excellent tactical manoeuvring, and a great deal of amusement for those spectating. Thanks to all the players, spectators and to Danielle for being a second pair of eyes for adjudicating the more frenetic battles.
There follows a short (by my standards) account of events for those who could not make it and are interested:

The duel was fought over two block and the surrounding streets, the arena thus being a figure of eight shape, with alleyways cutting through the middle of the blocks. Tom was armed with a good water-gun akin to a Storm, Jonny a nerf-SMG, James with Ben's ~100 shot Hail-fire, while Andrew went for the incongruous combination of the gunslinger look (a one-shot and three-shot Jolt hanging out of each pocket) somewhat overpowered by the trying-to-outdo-Schwarzenegger look as he lumbered around with Mickey's pseudo-M60 nerf-machinegun levelled.

The duel began with one combatant starting at each of the far corners. The three members of ChadMaf resolved to co-operatively eliminate Tom first, a pact that (with the exception of a few warning shots between James and Jonny) held. Killing Tom however did not prove the easiest of objectives, as he managed to use the alleyways to repeatedly slip through the mafia cordon and appear behind them, taking pot-shots at isolated members of the group.
James, encountering Tom during this, opened fire and received counter-fire, with both losing a leg in the process. Tom then executed a hopping escape, while James tried to rally his allies. Jonny, going after Tom, turned a corner; while he was alert, the defender's advantage proved sufficient for Tom to cut him down, but cost Tom his remaining leg and an arm.
With only one functional limb left, James moved (hopped) in for the kill, holding position just out of range of Tom's water-gun and raining down an artillery barrage of ballistic-trajectory nerf rounds from the Hail-fire. Tom was unable to retaliate, but succeeded in pulling himself round a corner to take cover against the incoming fire. James's mobility was insufficient for an effective flanking attack, so a stand-off developed which was only broken by Andrew (by now long out of rounds for his machinegun, which had been discarded) circling completely and attacking from the other direction. His initial charge was noticed and he retreated under fire but not hit. Coming back for another go, with Tom forced to cover both directions, he was able to land a shot from one of his Jolts on Tom's remaining arm. As he closed in for the execution, Tom made one last valiant attempt by attempting to throw his attack penguin at Andrew using his teeth, but was unsuccessful and Andrew ended him at point-blank range.
There then followed an even more protracted combat between James and Andrew, with the terrible accuracy (and range when fired auto) of the Hailfire preventing James landing a hit, but being enough to suppress Andrew, prevent him charging and keep the potshots from his Jolts from being too well aimed. Andrew seemed intent on tiring out James, maintaining a constant retreat and forcing him to give (slow) chase. Andrew's recovery of the nerf-SMG from the body of Jonny was still not enough, and the battle descended, after about half an hour, them at each end of an alleyway taking opportunistic shots at each other with Jolts.
This was eventually brought to an end by the Umpire who deciding that Andrew's tactical retreating might last several more hours, and nervous about the attention of bemused civilians decided that things should be decided honourably in the fashion to which they had more or less devolved.
Thus, back on Jesus Green proper, James and Andrew stood back to back, walked seven paces apart, three paces closer (I judged it fine their strides were too big... DH.), turned, fired and dodged. The first shots missed, they reloaded, fired again; their dodging resulting in them circling each other several times. Andrew had trouble loading his next shot, and then James slipped on the muddy ground. There was no recovering from that in time, and Andrew loaded and landed a fatal torso shot.

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