Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Week 6 News

Monday, 12 March

[19:40 PM] Andrew Harland (Meetball AKA ball of meet) gets bolted. By Giovanni's Pikachu
Giovanni reports:

The Pokémon resisted at first, scared, perhaps, by how much harm it could cause Andrew Harland by just a few bolts and it's well fitted focusing helmet. Team Rocket had fitted the creature with it to unlock its true potential after they found it living on the streets. What a transformation had been achieved in just a couple of months! They managed to set it free! But tonight, Pikachu's loyalty was being questioned. It wouldn't continue.

*I couldn't kill a human, no?! Never! Pokémon are friends not murderers. Pokémon help each people and people help Pokémon... *

It backed away shyly, unable to finish the job but Giovanni knelt down next to Pikachu, just a few feet away from the smouldering body of Andrew, still gripping to life. Being a fair and honest man, he told the creature why Andrew must die. That he exploited people and Pokémon, and too had murdered.

*So it is justice then... but no, no I won't! People can change! Anyone can change!*

Pikachu shook off the man in the sharp suit and waddled towards Andrew meaning to befriend him. Giovanni just stood there, unwavered by the creature's decision. The weak man's eyes were full of pain, searching for mercy from the yellow rodent. Or so it thought... When Pikachu had got within a couple of feet of Andrew, he leaped up and grabbed Pikachu by the ear. Ready to strike at it with a knife. Pikachu reacted in terror, blasting Andrew back against a wall. Andrew ceased to move... Pikachu stood there panting, knowing what it had done. Trying to take in it all in. Slowly, it turned to face Giovanni, who still unwavering beckoned Pikachu along. It had learnt a valuable lesson today: Some men could not be trusted and will never be trusted.

Meetball reports:

It has been an honour, I've had a ball, so until we meet again, may you always meet a ball!

[23:00 PM] Team Galactic rises!
Cyrus reports:

I am starting a police war! Or, in the case that someone else has already started a police war witout my knowledge, I am joining them! I currently have no allies in this and am very likely to be killed by Greg tomorrow but I don't care. I don't really know very much about pokemons, so I'll let you choose the pseudonym and the roleplay elements.

Anyone wishing to join Matthew Fitch on Team Galactic, let me know. Members of Team Galactic are corrupt and can kill non-corrupt police (and, of course, non-corrupt police can kill Team Galactic).

Tuesday, 13 March

[08:45 AM] Sam Twist (Storm:Wolf) finds that tacticallemons taste quite sour
Storm:Wolf reports:

Storm:Wolf moves silently, deadly, through the scraggy wastes of Mount Bedlam. He spots a strange, ever so slightly knobbly, yellow fruit. In his curious and glorious manner, the wolf bends down and takes a bite from the citrus-like flesh of the, in most ways, textbook lemon. The taste is as if from heaven, a soon-to-be familiar place.

Suddenly, a sharp pain erupts from within the abdomen of Storm:Wolf; He brushes aside the meaningless pain, and continues to eat with great fortitude and honour.

Again, the pain! The wolf collapses on to the rocky pass floor, landing face to face with this so called lemon. It was as this point that Storm:Wolf realised he was allergic to lemons. As death was obviously imminent, he proceeded to draw his 44. Magnum. It was loaded with a single round. He gave the drum a spin, pulled back the hammer and began the fateful game of Russian roulette.

First, he turned the muzzle upon his own, and pulled the trigger. Click. Then he turns this mighty side-arm upon the insolent lemon and pulled the trigger. Click. Once again, himself. Click. Finally he levelled the revolver at a particularly noble point on the mountainside, and pulled the trigger. This time, the weapon discharged, the report echoing across the valleys. A deep rumble above his position signified that his time was up; the gods had come to reclaim their favourite disciple.

It was with only mild disappointment that Storm:Wolf watched the lemon roll into the safety of a nearby gully as the Mighty Avalanche engulfed him."

tacticallemon reports:

Stole Storm:Wolf's thunder with a lightning-quick strike as he left this morning for breakfast and lectures.

The Platypus reports:

Today Diamond, tacticallemon went to be early birds.

We waited for Sam Twist to leave for lectures and the element of surprise ensured the kill.

[09:00 AM] After all that effort, Julian Willis (Argod) finally kills Christian (Chris) Greer (The Platypus), but tacticallemon and Diamond were waiting.
Argod reports:

The Book of Revelations. Chapter 18: v10-20

And finally His followers confronted Him. But Argod did not turn away, did not strike them down. He said unto them: 'Do not all the religious people on the Earth agree that Argod is the one true God? Is that not enough? Why must there still be fighting when there is agreement at hand? Let them all worship Me.' But they did not accept Him. And with that Argod faded back into nothingness, their Faith extinguished. Yet through the darkness still Argod rests, awaiting the belief in Him to be rekindled. The time for His glory to shine forth once more will come again. Praise Argod!

tacticallemon reports:

Moving on to fitzwilliam street, I repeatedly shot Julian Willis in the chest as he came up to his room, joined in my hail of fire by Diamond. Unfortunately our other accomplice, Christian (Chris) Greer, was caught by Julian's weapon just before he died, and received a fatal wound. A good morning!

The Platypus reports:

I fumbled my gun when facing Julian Willis so that he had time to douse me in acid. As I slowly dissolved, my my last sight was Julian being taken down by a barrage of gunfire from the other assassins.

[14:15 PM] Only a ninja can sneak up on another ninja. Weir_Doe tries to test this, but fails to find shinobi
Weir_Doe reports:

If misses are habit forming then I am a monk several times over, for as of 14:15 today shinobi was once again not taken out. I think my inventory needs work, for
"Not a thing did I possess but an old blue gingham dress
And a faded photograph in black and white
Now my memories are quite clear, even if I still can hear
All the shrinks who said some trauma was to blame" Escape Key

[15:40 PM] Team Rocket foiled again. Weir_Doe doesn't fall for Matthew Hinks (Giovanni)'s scheming
Giovanni reports:

I died

Not really report material:

Lol got killed by Weir_Doe at 3:40pm. Managed to get into his house by his ground floor neighbour ( + 1 speech-craft) and arrived at his door. His wife answered the door, refused entry even with my newly enhanced speech-craft level but assured me he was in. Moments later he pops his head around with a home-made rubber band gun in hand and narrowly skims my ear. Had a nice chat, tea and coffee etc.

Weir_Doe reports:

At around 15:40 Giovanni let his guard down when distracted by an accomplice as he came within inches of killing me:
"You came close
Close but no cigar
You didn't miss by far
You know you came this close
Close but no cigar" Tomas Dolby

Once dispatched beyond the grave he proved far better company than most ghost pokemon.

[17:00 PM] A disastrous hunt by Absol
Absol reports:


Absol absol absol ABSOL absol. Absol ABSOL absol absol absol absol, absol ABSOL absoooool absol. ABSOL ABSOL absol, ABSOL absol ABSOL absoooool. Absol absol absol ABSOL absol absol ABSOOOOOOOOOOL ABSOL.



(put through the PokeTranslator)

Seems like I should not plan this far ahead.

After having a devious plan to kill tacticallemon crushed earlier in the game by him being competent again, I decided that I would make my mark on the game by bringing down my Disaster on shinobi and Diamond before the end of the game. However, the forces of Chaos conspired against me: my accomplice among the cast of Footloose got cold feet and would not let me kill shinobi at 15.00, whilst Diamond escaped at 17.00 by virtue of an overrunning job interview, which saw me only able to watch my prey as he escaped into a supervision.

I will return to the mountains.

[18:00 PM] Cyrus finds a hidden Ilya Manyakin (Diamond)
Cyrus reports:

Oh dear! A soon as I reveal my evil plan to the world, the most incompetent group of assassins ever gets put in charge of open season! (100% incompetence is very unimpressive...). This will not do! They must all be killed so that my plans may be put into action. And there is but a day left before I run out of time!

Quickly, I hastened to the location where Ilya Manyakin was having a supervision. When he left, the fight commenced! I was using a very weird psychic-based Pokemon which failed to hit, while he was fighting back with knives (which were either dodged or deflected by the Pokemon). When he ran out of knives, I called upon a smaller, but more effective, water-based Pokemon, which chased him down and hit him at point blank range. Unfortunately, there was nothing much to be gained from this encounter apart from xp, so I left in search of Kiwi eating panda.

He was spotted entering [UNSPECIFIED COLLEGE]. Tracking him down had been easy at least. Unfortunately, the [UNSPECIFIED COLLEGE] guards were able to recognise the manic gleam in the eye that indicates a deranged criminal mastermind, and refused me entry. A restricted area; how unfortunate. They will pay for their insolence when I finally destroy the universe!

If any minions of mine are out there anywhere, (I don't know if there are; I did a pretty poor job of recruiting...) OUR TIME WILL COME! We will face the evil Giovanni and his followers on the field of battle (after the assassins main game duel say?), and then once we are done with him once and for all, we will destroy the universe and rebuild it to out image! Muhahahahaha!

[18:45 PM] Weir_Doe is acting weird
Weir_Doe reports:

"Slip out the back before they know you were there
And at the worst you'll see nobody cares
Cos you don't wanna be around when it all goes down
Even heroes know when to be scared" Fort Minor
The best place to be when people come to assassinate you is somewhere else.

[23:59 PM] Christabel Clark (shinobi) disappears into the night.

Wednesday, 14 March

[00:00 AM] Ceasefire!

The duel will take place at 2PM on Thursday on Jesus Green.

Thursday, 15 March

[14:00 PM] The Duel!

Patrick Freer killed Addison Shore (tacticallemon AKA Poisonous Floating Jellyfish)
Petras Balciunas killed Patrick Freer (Weir_Doe)

Congratuwelldone to our new Master Assassin, Petras Balciunas (Kiwi eating panda).

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