Cloak & Dagger Mafia IV - Lent 2007

This is the website for Mafia IV, a Lent 2007 minigame played by The Assassins' Guild. This game's Umpire is some d00d, please direct all enquiries to him. For more information see the main Assassins website.

Game status

The game is now over, a victory for the Mafia. (All news below is out of date but left for interest's sake) The kills were as follows:

Kill graph

The game is about to start; all players should now have received an email from the umpire informing them whether they are Townspeople or Mafia. If you have not received such an email, please contact the umpire as soon as possible.

Certain people have said they want a proper story, and who am I to refuse? Apologies for the current lack of story; in the meantime, anyone who wants a specific village role should tell me so, and I shall try and work it in.

A number of people have been finding it difficult to find appointments for every single day or are away on certain days; therefore, feel free to have no appointments on one or two days provided you make these up with additional appointments on other days so you have seven in total. Please don't use this to strategically e.g. avoid having any appointments on the last day.

If you want a psuedonym you can have one; just include it in the signup email, or email me afterwards.

The game will start at 8pm on Wednesday 7th March and last for one week.

Two IRC channels have been created for the game, both on the server: all players are welcome to join #townspeople, while dead players may also join the spoiler-filled #corpses. If you are not sure how to access IRC see this page, or so Philip tells me.


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