Cloak & Dagger Mafia IV - Week 1 News

Wednesday, 7 March

[20:01 PM] Mayor Lolilolipoplololol seen to die

Tragedy has befallen Cantabrigiorre. Immediately after opening the meeting on the subject of the Mafia, the Mayor was seen, ignoring the advice of concerned citizen Philip Bielby, to eat a bakewell tart which had been cunnningly poisoned by the Mafia. With his last breath he attempted to warn the townspeople who the Mafia were, but in vain. Before his unfortunate demise, the Mayor revealed that he has called for his secret army of 12-year-old psychic schoolgirls piloting giant robots. Unless the townspeople, or - god help us - the Mafia have gained ascendance before they arrive at 8pm next Wednesday, the robots will surely crush the village, its inhabitants, and everything else in their path.

Thursday, 8 March

[08:35 AM] Il Massacratore found dead on Huntingdon Road

Il Massacratore appears to have been shot with a small water weapon. No other clues have yet been found.

[10:00 AM] Steven Shenton found dead on New Museums Site

Steven Shenton never made it into his lecture, being shot with a small water weapon outside the relevant theatre. Another young life tragically cut short...where will it end?

[11:04 AM] Philip Bielby found dead in the Computer Laboratory

Philip Bielby appears to be the latest victim of the violence now engulfing Cantabrigiorre. His body shows evidence of being penetrated by a rubber band or bands, but the killer seems to have left no other traces at the scene.

[14:40 PM] Francesca Borgia found dead on West Road

Francesca Borgia's corpse was found tangled amongst a crashed bicycle; it bears a wound which would appear to be the result of stabbing with a bladed weapon. Readers of Cantabrigiorre cannot but be shocked at this terrible loss. A note found at the scene reads "Let that be a warning to anyone else who hasn't paid their protection money..."

Francesca Borgia reports:

Francesca was travelling to the Camera di Scienza Matematica when she was ambushed by footpads. Being occupied with her horse, she had no hands free to retrieve a weapon from her bag, so could not defend herself when the killer ran up to her and brutally stabbed her in the shoulder.
Her ghost is puzzled about the other members of this evil Mafia, but even more mystified as to how a man on foot could run fast enough to catch up with her.

[23:03 PM] El Duche found slain in ADC

El Duche's body has now been discovered; hasty forensic investigation has recovered a rubber band from the body but discovered nothing else.

Friday, 9 March

[12:00 PM] Charlotte Heron found dead on Boltolph Lane

Charlotte Heron is now dead, killed by rubber band fire.

[12:02 PM] Janet Scott found dead on New Museums Site

Janet Scott appears to have been killed by some form of rubber band weapon.

[13:10 PM] Samuel Borin found dead on Trinity Street

Samuel Borin appears to have been killed with a medium-calibre water weapon; since it was in such an obscure and seldom-travelled part of town the corpse took some time to be discovered but has been forensicly determined to have died around this time (The umpire apologises for the amount of time it has taken this incident to be publicly reported)

Samuel Borin reports:

I would like my concerns over a) the wording of the rules and b) the rationality and impartiality of the umpire to be announced.

[18:55 PM] Rosemary Warner found dead outside Buckingham Room, Magdalene

Rosemary Warner has been found, aparrently killed with a small water weapon. In other news, the umpire is too tired to spell.

Saturday, 10 March

[14:55 PM] Ragazza del Tasso found dead outside town hall

Ragazza del Tasso appears to have been shot with a small water weapon

[18:40 PM] gay di 5%, risata ad alta voce di 95% found dead on Hills Road

gay di 5%, risata ad alta voce di 95% would appear to have been killed by rubber band fire

[19:50 PM] Stephen Matthew McCann and Loren Seno found dead in Gradpad

Both victims were killed with some kind of bladed weapon or weapons; the umpire apologises for his error.

[22:55 PM] mjg59 found dead on Trinity Street

mjg59 appears to have been killed by a rubber band weapon.

Sunday, 11 March

[03:07 AM] Thierry Morello issued a statement
Thierry Morello reports:

Fellow villagers of Cantabrigiorre, the level of corruption we face is terrible, simply terrible. I for one think that it's about time we stand up to this menace, and I'm not one to lead if it's not by example.
Our local drunkard has been one such of our troubles, possibly not realising just quite how loudly he would broadcast his crimes at the heights of his drunken stupor. I was most distressed to hear that he had been seen leaving the village this morning on a train (as it could well signify the planning of something far worse for our fine village), and so, on concluding my business for the day, decided to investigate matters further with my close friend Tania Lambourghini.
Inquiries led us to a likely return time, but little else. I observed his return from a safe place, but it seemed unlikely that we'd be able to learn nothing more from the man than we've already heard shouted late at night, so word was sent to our local magical girl to silence him.
If we want to bring back the village we knew and loved from the pits of this terrorism we now face we're going to have to fight for it, and I'll be damned if I'm about to let such a violent minority have their way. We must oust them and deal with them now, before they run every last honest villager out of here.

The umpire notes that statements from players may be any and all of true, false, meaningless

[13:15 PM] Colin Love found dead on St Andrew's Street

Colin Love would seem to have been killed with some form of rubber band weapon.

Monday, 12 March

[06:39 AM] Procione di Basic di Sainsbury issued a statement
Procione di Basic di Sainsbury reports:

To those residents of our fair village fortunate enough to still walk amongst us. I am sure that you have noticed, as much as I, the gruesome fate that is befalling our population. One by one, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and even, it is rumoured, the priest's beloved cat, signor piedi purry, have been slain by the evil forces that are bringing us to our knees - metaphorically as well as literally. And whilst it is understandable that all many of us can see fit to do is to kneel in front of our beloved minister and hope that salvation will issue forth, I, for one, think that it is our own responsibility to take action! The enemy is within - they walk among us! I have tried, myself, to remove those who threaten our very existence, but these fiends know no limits! They will even throw babes in front of them, if they think it will buy them an extra moment with which to escape to safety! But let it be known that there are some of us who remain untouched by their evil, who will do more than kneel before a priest, and who are willing to fight to the last! Cantabrigiorre sleeps no more!

The umpire notes that statements from players may be any and all of true, false, meaningless

[09:55 AM] Procione di Basic di Sainsbury found dead in CMS

Procione di Basic di Sainsbury appears to have been killed by some form of rubber band weapon.

[17:30 PM] J Alexander D Atkins found dead on Eachard Road

J Alexander D Atkins appears to have been killed with a rubber band weapon.

[18:30 PM] Thierry Morello issued a statement
Thierry Morello reports:

People of Cantabrigiorre, this threat to our peace is growing in its violence and arrogant tenacity. Why, just this afternoon a villager I was none too familiar with came to my door and simply demanded that I come out and die. I guess he was not expecting any such resistance, as open the door I did and he was shocked to find that it was he who died, not I.
Fellow villagers, this threat comes expecting easy prey. If only we could band together and each do our part we would surely find our way quickly out of this nightmare. I realise that my life is at great risk from spearheading this defence, but a life under this terror is no life at all.

Statements from players may or may not be false, etc. Also this statement was not actually emailled to the umpire until some time afterwards, but is reported for this time at Thierry Morello's request

[19:55 PM] Emma Pewsey found dead on Sidgewick Avenue

Emma Pewsey appears to have been killed with a bladed weapon

Tuesday, 13 March

[08:45 AM] Thierry Morello found dead in Girton College

Thierry Morello appears to have been killed with a rubber band weapon.

[13:50 PM] Richard Gibson found dead around Trinity Backs

Richard Gibson appears to have been killed with a bladed weapon of some sort.

[19:30 PM] Tania Lambourghini and Gordon Ball found dead in Churchill

The bodies of Tania Lambourghini and Gordon Ball were found in the same room, both seemingly killed by rubber band fire which could easily have been the result of the guns found still clasped in both corpses' hands.

Wednesday, 14 March

[11:00 AM] Paul David Morris found dead on Downing site

Paul David Morris seems to have been killed with a rubber band weapon.

[11:05 AM] Mafia declare victory

George Davies called the umpire to announce that the Mafia have now eliminated all the townspeople, winning the game. Congratulations to the mafia players: Colin Love, Felicity Boyce, George Davies, Gordon Ball, J Alexander D Atkins and gay di 5%, risata ad alta voce di 95%.
I hope all players enjoyed the game; while I won't deny there were some unpleasant parts, on the whole I have enjoyed umpiring and am glad to have done so; my thanks to everyone who took part.
As mentioned in my email to the social mailing list, there will be an End of Game Picnic tomorrow, that is Thursday 15th March, on Trinity Backs from 4-7pm; all players are welcome, anyone who can is encouraged to bring food, drink and/or blankets. The Game Awards will be presented at the Picnic (probably at around 4:30pm when I arrive); if you have any nominations for these, please email them to me at the usual address.

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