Cloak & Dagger Mafia IV - Rules


Mafia is a game of mock combat run by the Cambridge University Assassins' Guild. Players may sign up by emailing the Umpire with the information below. They then take on personalities as Villagers in the village of Cantabrigiorre. At the start of the game, a small proportion (about 1/5th) of the villagers are chosen randomly and told that they are members of a shadowy mafia of those posessed by children and biotech. The Villagers' aim is to eliminate the Mafiosi within the alotted time, whereas the aim of the Mafiosi is to kill the non-Mafia Villagers.


Everyone who wishes to play should provide the Umpire with:

Anyone found to have supplied false or misleading details to the Umpire will be disqualified. If you miss your appointment on a given day, tell the Umpire about it as soon after as possible.



The usual Guild Weapons Rules apply.


Lecture halls, supervisions, university laboratories are examples of such. A more exhaustive list is here. Please read these. If you have any queries please contact the Umpire. He will be much more sympathetic to those who check such things before incidents occur.

It is important to note that OOB areas should not be abused for one's advantage in the game. They are there to stop lectures etc. becoming ridiculous affairs, not to allow one an easy escape from a persuing assassin. The Umpire will take a very dim view of those who contravene the spirit of the game in such a way.


Once dead, please have the courtesy to stay dead. You must not pass on, nor by any deliberate omission make known, any information relating to this Game not publicly available on the website, regardless of whether you learned it whilst alive or dead and regardless of whether you consider it to be true or not; in particular you must not reveal the identity of your killer. The only exception to this is the dead-players-only IRC channel #corpses.

The umpire, as always, is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, and reserves the right to alter the rules where he feels this is necessary.

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