Cloak & Dagger Mafia IV - The story

(any additions from players are very welcome)


The sleepy village of Cantabrigiorre in southern Italy has been mostly untouched by the hectic modern world. Rumours that it is populated almost entirely by former Mafia hitmen should probably be ignored. The village grew up around the lake which still remains its heart, and has as its sole industry the growing of olives on the gentle slopes of the shallow vale in which it is situated. Though detractors might claim it is less a village than a handful of farmhouses, the local residents all know each other and have a strong sense of community, centred on their beloved Mayor Lolilolipoplololol, whose home also serves the functions of a town hall, in the rare cases when this is needed.

The mysterious cyborg known only as "the umpire" appeared in town a few years ago, and appears to be devoted solely to two functions: the selection of the Mayor, done in some ill-understood but apparently perfect way, and the reporting of the deaths of the townspeople. Rumours abound: he is immortal, his programming prevents him from killing any others, he's been sent from the future to kill Sarah Donnelly - but who can guess what his true abilities are?

Visiting children have been a part of the village's life for as long as any of the residents can remember; they love to visit the island in the centre of the lake, steal olives, and generally be irritating little buggers. In the past few days, however, there have been strange happenings somehow connected with these children. Rumours abound of secret ways, paedophiles, and telepathy resulting from possession by alien biotechnology, perhaps connected with the meteorite seen to land on the island a few days ago. Certainly a sizeable proportion of the (small) population seems to believe some of their fellow townspeople have been possessed by some sort of biotechnology, and if some reports are to be believed, they seem to know who each other are and be capable of working together.

The Mayor has called a meeting to discuss these issues, at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 7 in his home, represented by H1 Burrell's Field. The mysterious enchantments upon it will prevent any of the townspeople under his care being killed until after they have returned to their homes or elsewhere.

The villagers

Mayor Lolilolipoplololol

The village's beloved Mayor.

Thierry Morello

On the books, Thierry is a local travelling salesman, mostly known in the area for selling books, making almost daily trips out of the village for business reasons. However, even a cursory inspection will show that he is living a much more lavish lifestyle than this should allow, and in truth most of his wealth comes from taking on jobs as a conman. He claims to be a one man team, but this doesn't stop him from happily taking on work from shady organisations.

Thursday: Having received a new 'work' request, Thierry is set to meet his potential new client 'Mariusz' this evening at the cover of a film show. Word has it that he has tickets for the 6:30pm-9:30pm showing of CUCAS in the Chetwynd Room in King's College, but it may prove impossible to contact him in the venue itself. Also he is likely to be out of bounds for some of the way there while carrying heavy equipment (but should not be carrying anything on the way back).

Friday: Amongst other tasks of checking the background of his new client and case (mostly in the hope of digging up dirt), Thierry will speak to some of his contacts he knows under his guise as a salesman. Although we found most patterns hard to pin down, we have confirmed that one of these meetings will occur in Borders at around 2:30pm.

Saturday: Thierry is a major player in the Piersanti Gambling Ring, and will be attending the high-stake events being held at their secret base in Burrell's Field Common Room from 2pm to some point after 6pm. With so much money on the line security will be very tight, and so unauthorised access to the event itself will be impossible.

Sunday: Happy with his arrangements for his latest scheme, Thierry will meet up with Mariusz again to confirm terms and payment. The specifics of the deal are unknown, but will take place at some point during the 4pm-7:15pm showing of CUCAS in Sidney Sussex R's common room. Again, the venue has been chosen to make it impossible to make contact with Thierry or Mariusz at the scene itself.

Monday: Before making any progress on the work itself, Thierry will need to check that Mariusz's upfront payment has safely wired to his account, which involves a complicated set of transactions to cover his tracks. As such, in the region of 1pm-2pm he will be found checking balances at several of the major banks in the central area. It would be unwise to threaten him at any of these venues, but it may be possible to tail him between them.

Tuesday: Getting down to business, Thierry will make his way into Market Hostel shortly after noon. Amongst other dealings, he will use the facilities therein to make lunch.

Wednesday: Completing an easy job, Thierry will return to Market Hostel at 2:30pm and choose an opportune moment to leave a new message on the outer whiteboard.

Richard Gibson

Richard is the village priest.
Thursday: 3pm, Barclays, Bene't Street (please try to avoid attacking me in sight of the security cameras)
Friday: 11am, lecture, CMS
Saturday: 2pm, PGR, Burrell's Field Common Room
Sunday: 3pm, I will go and stand in the field opposite Burrell's for a few minutes (not cosplaying, sadly)
Monday: 12pm, Computer Room, G Pavillion, CMS
Tuesday: 3pm, B Great Court
Wednesday: 2:15pm, by the Vending machine in the CMS

Ragazza del Tasso

Lectures 11:00 MWF, 10:00 TuTh @ Computer Laboratory
In front of Senate House, 14:35 Saturday and 10:00 Sunday

Francesca Borgia

Francesca runs the village's small library.

Thursday: Francesca will organise a book group meeting in Mill Lane Lecture Room 3 at 11am. At 3pm that afternoon she will meet a senior librarian for the district in a nearby village at Camera di Scienza Matematica.

Friday: Francesca will be so terribly excited about the new shipment of books arriving in the post that she will get up at 9am to go to the post office in Mill Lane room 3 to collect them.

Saturday: Francesca is still having trouble deciding whether to visit the Piersanti Gambling Ring in Burrell's Field at 2pm, since some of her friends will be there but she suspects not all of their activities are strictly legal, given the security they insist on, or she may go to the Camera della bandierina in 11 Fitz St at 2pm.

Sunday: Francesca is such a devout Papist, she will obviously attend the 9am Anglican service in Peterhouse Chapel.

Monday: There will be another shipment of books arriving at the Mill Lane room 3 post office at 9am.

Tuesday: The book group meet once more at 11am in Mill Lane. Hopefully by now some of them will have actually got hold of a copy of the book. Francesca will visit Camera di Scienza Matematica at 3pm to get extra copies for those who are still disorganised.

Wednesday: She will collect the extra books from the post office in Mill Lane room 3 at 9am. Having finished her duties for the week, Francesca will then visit her fourth cousin in the prison of Azkaban, also known as William Stone Building, Peterhouse, at 1pm.

Han-Ley Tang

Han-Ley is the village's blacksmith.

If the immortal but sadly intoxicable umpire recalls correctly, Han-Ley will visit Sainsbury's at 7pm each day, except for Sunday when he visits at 4:00pm.

gay di 5%, risata ad alta voce di 95%

A drunkard often found wandering the streets of the village.
Thursday: Lecture, Cockcroft lecture theatre, New Museums, 9am.
Friday: Lecture, Cockroft lecture theatre, New Museums, 12am. Cambridge University Treasure Trap, 7pm, Magdalene college, Friday
Saturday: Lecture, Babbage lecture theatre, New Museums, 10am.
Sunday: no significant appointments; shall make this up on another day.
Monday: Lecture, Cockcroft lecture theatre, New Museums, 9am.
Tuesday: Lecture, Cockcroft lecture theatre, New Museums, 9am
Wednesday: Lecture, Cockroft lecture theatre, New Museums, 12am

Rosemary Warner

Rumored to be a former south american dictator.

On weekdays I will arrive at the Sanger Building, Dept of Biochemistry at about 9.30 and leave at about 4, though on Friday I am leaving early at 2pm (note update). On Saturday I will attend the TT linear;details of that aren't confirmed yet but I will provide some.

Friday: Treasure Trap, Buckingham Room. Magdalene, 7-11

Il Massacratore

A henchman therof
Thursday, 9am: Computer Resale shop in Mill Road
Friday, 7:00pm: TT in the Buckingham Room at Magdalene
Saturday, 12:30pm: Outside entrance to Queens (?)
Sunday, 3:45pm: Iceland, Histon Road
Monday, 8:45am: Sainsburys, Town centre
Tuesday, 9am: Argos, Grafton Centre
Wednesday, 9am: Game, Grafton Centre

Loren Seno

The barmaid
Supervision on Tuesday at 11 and at 5pm
supervision on Monday at 11
I'm going to formal at kings on wednesay
I may attend the mill pub quiz on tuesday
I will go for a run to grantchester on Monday afternoon
i will be going to SPS library on Friday for the day

George Davies

Thursday - Lecture in the Cockroft theater on the new museums site at 9am
Friday - Lecture in the Cockroft theatre on the new museums site at midday
Saturday - I will jog twice around St Johns backs, then walk the length of Cripps roof, at 3pm
Sunday - I will touch the door of Great St Mary's at 3pm
Monday - Lecture in the Cockroft theatre on the new museums site at midday
Tuesday - Lecture in the Cockroft theater on the new museums site at 9am
Wednesday - Lecture in the Cockroft theatre on the new museums site at midday

Tania Lambourghini

Thursday, 8 March: I'll be spending the day at Impington Village College. I expect to leave my house around 8.30am, get there around 9.10am, leave around 3.30pm and get home around 4.10pm.

Friday, 9 March: I'll be leaving my house around 9.30am to head over to Manor Community College.

Saturday, 10 March: I'll be at the Archimedeans Puzzles and Games ring in Burrell's Field common room; it should start at about 2pm and finish at some undetermined time probably between 5pm and 7pm.

Monday, 12 March: Today I'll be at Long Road Sixth Form College. I'll leave home by 8.00am at the latest, hopefully arriving there by 9.00am, then leaving at 4.15pm and heading home through town to hopefully be back by about 5.20pm.

Wednesday, 14 March: I'll be spending the afternoon at Queen Edith's Primary School: leaving home at around 12.15pm, getting there for about 1.30pm, leaving again just after 3.30pm and getting home by about 4.45pm.

Lottie Heron

Thurs - Lecture, HPS dept, 2pm. (All my lectures are in the same building. I may however already be in said building (eg in the library) before my lectures start, but since the seminar rooms and library are seperate places, I will be walking around inside at around 2pm and will therfore be in bounds at some point. The exact location of lectures is on the blackboard in the entrance hall.)
Fri - Lecture, 12pm
Sat - In London pretty much all day. Come to the train station.
Sun - RAG Meeting, 6pm, Trinity (will be coming in via Great Gate). Possibly formal after too.
Mon - Lecture, 12pm
Tues - Lecture, 12pm
Weds - Lectures, 11am and 2pm

Colin Love

Thursday Cockroft Lecture Theatre 10-12
Friday Cockroft Lecture Theatre 10-12
Saturday Cockroft Lecture Theatre 10-12
Sunday Subway, (the one by Emma)  1pm
Monday Cockroft Lecture Theatre 10-12
Tuesday Cockroft Lecture Theatre 10-12
Wednesday Cockroft Lecture Theatre 10-12

Emma Pewsey

The village idiot
Thursday 8th: 9am lecture at Lensfield Road
Friday 9th: 4pm practical at Materials department
Saturday 10th: Standing around Sidgwick site at 2pm
Sunday 11th: Visiting Sidney Sussex to hand-in supervision work in the mid afternoon.
Monday 12th: Sheila at 8pm, presumably P9 Tree Court, Caius College... you know where that is!
Tuesday 13th: Lectures 9am Lensfield Road
Wednesday 14th: Lecture at NMS at 12pm

Felicity Boyce

Friday: Lectures from 10-1.00 in the CMS. Supervision in the CMS at 4:15 (note correction). Treasure Trap in the Buckingham Room in Magdalene college at 7.00; out of bounds while carrying "armoury"; this should only be happening while within Magdalene grounds.
Saturday: Will be eating lunch in the New Hall Dome at around 12.00.
Sunday: Will attend 9:30 service at Great St Mary's (note previous appointment cancelled)
Monday: Lectures in the CMS from 10.00-1.00. Supervision at 6.00 in Whewell's Court K8c.
Wednesday: Lectures 11.00 (note time change) -1.00 in the CMS.

J Alexander D Atkins

Thursday: 5:45 - 7:30 pm | chapel choir practice & evensong |   Peterhouse chapel
Friday: 10 am - 12 noon | lectures | Cockroft lecture theatre, New   Museums site
Saturday: 4 - 6 pm | Winnie-the-Pooh Society | location to be   announced as per
Sunday: 6 - 7:30 pm | evensong in Peterhouse chapel followed by   sherry in combination room
Monday: 10-12 lectures as per Tuesday, 2 - 3 pm | singing lesson | Peterhouse music room, Rocksoc AGM as per
Tuesday: 10 am - 12 noon | lectures | Cockroft lecture theatre, New   Museums site
Wednesday: lectures as per Tuesday

Janet Scott

Thursday - Rowing outing 6.45 (I'm sure you can guess where)
Friday - Lecture 11 - 12, Zoology, New Museums
Saturday - Trampolining either 4 - 6 or 6 - 8 (will confirm which one soon) but if you turn up at 6 I'll be going one way or t'other, Leys School sports hall
Sunday - Waterpolo training 11 - 12.30, Leys School Pool
Monday - Rowing outing 6.45
Tuesday - Rowing outing 6.45
Wednesday - Lecture 11 - 12, Zoology, New Museums

El Duche

Thursday, 1315 - I will walk through the market square.
Thursday, 2300 - I will attend the Medics' Revue at the ADC Friday, 1500 - I will visit Sainsbury's
Tempest, Jesus chapel, Saturday, 7 pm
Monday, 1315 - I will walk through the market square Monday,
Tuesday, 2300 - I will attend Smoker at the ADC
Wednesday, 1230 - I will touch the door of GSM and run away, laughing maniacally

Michael Wallace

Thursday: CMS 3pm
Friday: CMS 12pm
Friday: I shall be playing pool for Trinity at Catz at 6.30pm Saturday: I shall take a stroll about the gardens of Burrell's Field around 3.30pm
Monday: CMS 11am
Tuesday: B Great Court, Trinity, 3pm
Wednesday: CMS 12pm

Gordon Ball

Thurs 8th: 2pm, New Museums (outside Electron Microscopy Group)
Fri 9th: 9am, Small Lecture Theatre, Cavendish
Sat 10th: 2pm, Market Square
Sun 11th: 12:30pm, King's Hall
Mon 12th: Supervision, 1:30, Cavendish (note change)
Tues 13th: 1:30pm, outside lecture theatres, Cavendish (before supervision at 2pm)
Wed 14th: 2pm, Reality Checkpoint

Paul David Morris

MONDAY: 11am LECTURE at Downing Site (Geology)
Tuesday: 9am Lecture at Lensfield Site (Maths)
WEDNESDAY: 11am Lecture at Downing Site (Geology)
Thursday: 9am at Lensfield Site          (Maths)
Friday: 11am at Downing Site             (Geology)
Saturday: 9am at Lensfield Site        (Maths)
Sunday: 6:30pm Girton College Hall

Philip Bielby

Thursday: Lectures 09:00-13:00, Lecture Theatre 2, Computer Lab (William Gates Building) Supervision 14:00-15:00, somewhere in the CL (I don't know where)
Friday: Lecture 11:00-12:00, Lecture Theatre 2, Computer Lab (William Gates Building) Supervision 16:30-17:30, somewhere in the CL (I don't know where) Compsci tea P16, Tree Court, Gonville & Caius, from when I get back from supervision until about 18:15 or so
Saturday: I haven't made my mind up if I am going to CTF or PGR yet. I'll let you know soon (remind me if I forget to do so). I'll probably go to CTF, although it could be raining or something.
Sunday: CUSFS in Room 1, 11 Fitzwilliam Street, 19:30-when it finishes.
Monday: Lecture 11:00-12:00, Lecture Theatre 2, Computer Lab (WGB)
Tuesday: Lectures 09:00-13:00, Lecture Theatre 2, Computer Lab (WGB)
Wednesday: Lecture 11:00-12:00, Lecture Theatre 2, Computer Lab (WGB)

Samuel Borin

Wed - 11pm ADC Theatre
Thu - 12 noon R3, Downing College
Fri - 6 pm Latimer Room, Clare College
Sat - not sure yet
Sun - 3 pm T9, Downing College
Mon - 9 am Anatomy Lecture Theatre
Tue - 9 am Anatomy Lecture Theatre
Wed - 2pm Pharmacology Department

Stephen Matthew McCann

Thursday 9th: Lectures 9am/12pm at CMS (i'd give specific rooms but that makes things a tad easy)
Friday 10th: Pembroke street at 8pm(note location and time change) for Pool Coaching (which i will presumably be OOB for but not on the way there and back.)
Saturday 11th: I'll stand around the sidgwick site at 2pm or something.
Sunday 12th: I'll visit Michael Wallace PhD during the afternoon, 02 Whewell's Court, if he's not in... i'll name someone else to visit.
Monday 13th: I will visit Jenny Scott-Thompson in the afternoon at some point between 2-4pm.(note change)
Tuesday 14th: Lecture 9am and 12pm.
Wednesday 15th: I may visit all the remainder of the game if i'm somehow still alive!

Steven Shenton

Thur   Lectures, 10:00-12:00, Cockcroft Lecture Theatre
Fri      History of Maths, 4:00-5:00, CMS
Sat     Lectures, 10:00-12:00, Cockcroft Lecture Theatre
Sun    Brunch, 12:00-1:00, Emmanuel College Hall
Mon   German Discussion Group, 6:00-7:00, Language Centre
Tue    Lectures, 10:00-12:00, Cockcroft Lecture Theatre
Wed   History of Maths, 4:00-5:00, CMS

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