Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - List of Players

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Real NamePseudonymAddressCollegeWater StatusOther NotesAlive?KillsDeaths
Peter PrescottLong John Bronze12JChurchillNo Watertrue02
Matt Taylorthe landymanM10 Memorial CourtClareNo Watertrue17
Laurence Watsontoilet-flushI15 Memorial CourtClareNo Watertrue02
Alexander James Barron HiggsNosferatuI19DowningNo Watertrue01
Steven ShentonHakuoroX10EmmanuelNo Watertrue05
Jacob Samuel CorteenHe who Hates Freedom128 Huntingdon Road, Room 2FitzwilliamWater With CareKnown as Jake.true2210
Daniel HeapLady Bumcivillian Amylase TetrahydroxideP23FitzwilliamNo WaterThe sign in the player's staircase is wrong. His address is indeed P23.true03
Neville BallGigerB12GirtonNo Watertrue37
Philip BielbyAnne AKA Philip "Crack Shot" Bielby AKA the Space MonkeysP9, Tree CourtGonville & CaiusWater With CarePlease don't kill me. I am srs :-[true332
Toby Peter Campbell SmithThe Nude Dude3 Library Court, Room 1JesusNo Watertrue07
Jeremy SharplesGhostingShellLibrary Court, Staircase 3, Room 9JesusNo Watertrue01
Joshua Guy Blanchard LewisVengeful Spirit of the Angel Gabriel AKA Dr Qui AKA The spirit of Lynnette DrayIV Library Court 10JesusWater With CareAllergic to penicillintrue241
David MackMarcus King6Q North CourtJesusNo Watertrue02
Anthea HeyesJoE8 StracheyNewnhamNo Watertrue04
Jayaveni Chedumbarum PillayDickN16 StracheyNewnhamWater With CareKnown as Jayatrue73
Tom BoothLord of the PiesOld Hall, 137NewnhamNo WaterI am staying in my girlfriend's room. Please try not to shoot, stab, cosh, poison, explode, garrotte, or in any other way violate her. The Umpire notes that whilst Tom's college is listed as 'Newnham', assassins should not be confused into thinking he is a woman.true136
Simeon BirdGeorge AKA Gordon Lol AKA Edward A "Casual Sex" Heaney, B.A. Hons. (Cantab), purveyor of Science to the Gentry AKA Simeon Bird B.A. Hons. (Cantab) AKA Captain SimianRoom 1, 11 Fitzwilliam StreetPembrokeFull WaterCorridors in house, and in 12 Fitzwilliam street, are Full Water. May also occasionally be found indulging in improper practices with the Umpire's younger female relations. If he has any.true158
Jennifer BerryJulian AKA something completely randomRoom 11a, House 5, St. Peter's TerracePeterhouseWater With Caretrue87
Jennifer Scott-ThompsonLaurenI4PeterhouseNo WaterKnown as Jenny. My room is shared with an empty space, or something. Insert joke here.true07
David SmithMoshe SatnavRoom 6, 19 Fitz StreetPeterhouseNo WaterI will be readily identifiable by Assassins stash at most times.true07
J. Alexander D. AtkinsCharlotte [illegible]7 Tennis Court Terrace, Room 2PeterhouseWater With CareKnown as Alex. There is a computer in my room, towards the West side of the window (the right from the outside). Do not shoot it!true16
Rich MillerJudasH1RobinsonWater With Caretrue36
Colin LoveA Titanium ElementalT16Sidney SussexWater With Caretrue24
Helen WallerBeethoven the IIHobsons 11St. Catharine'sNo WaterThe room is split accross someone elses (it's a wierd set up) so be careful with them!true02
Joy PhillipsOdysseusA3St. Catharine'sNo WaterI have a shared room so careful with my poor innocent roommate...true04
Laura Engell HolmSylvia NilssonB5b Whewell's CourtTrinityNo WaterFellows on staircase, etc. etc.true13
Michael RobertsThe LeaderB11 Wolfson BuildingTrinityNo Watertrue03
Leif DenbyI <3 TigersD6, Wolfson BuildingTrinityNo Watertrue03
Michael DonaghyTimmyB5 Burrell's FieldTrinityFull Watertrue2015
Konrad Kazimierz DabrowskiInigo MontoyaD7, Burrell's FieldTrinityNo WaterHello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.true52
Stephen CairnsStevo SpaghettoA4 Angel CourtTrinityNo Watertrue27
Han-Ley TangI AM THE DEBIAN PROJECT LEADER AKA DONGS!I12 Blue BoarTrinityWater With CareBe careful of my mountain of electrical equipment. I will be displeased if they are damaged. Do not shoot at my window, as you ill hit my laptops. Do not shoot my girlfriend.true65
Tim WrightThe JackalRoom 7, O StaircaseTrinity HallWater With Caretrue06
Fatima AlamI <3 The UmpireD5, Wolfson BuildingTwinityNo Watertrue01
Dan CraikI <3 Raccoons AKA Child of the Damned AKA living on a razors edge AKA the evil that men do AKA the assassin!!!!!11oneD7, Wolfson BuildingTwinityNo Watertrue12

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