Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Stats

RankTriadReal NameAddressCollegeWater Weapons StatusNotesWanted?Alive?Score
1The Viking JukeboxJacob (Jake) Samuel CorteenT03FitzwilliamWater With Care YesYes57
Joshua Guy 'Duke' Blanchard LewisNorth Court T6JesusWater With CareI am a poor innocent fresher. Also, allergic to penicillin.YesNo
Alicia DanksLibrary Court V room 10JesusWater With Careno water on the computer pleaseNoNo
2Tea TeamSimeon BirdRoom 5, 38 Panton StreetPembrokeFull Water NoNo35
Jayaveni (Jaya) Chedumbarum PillayOH128NewnhamNo Water NoNo
Steven ShentonRoom 2, 58 Warkworth TerraceEmmanuelNo WaterMy house is opposite the police station, so try to be a bit subtle...NoNo
3The Mysterious Ticking NoiseNathan ChishickRoom 3, 59 Warkworth Terracein loco EmmanuelNo Water NoYes-8
Simon WoolfRoom 1, 58 Warkworth TerraceEmmanuelNo Water NoNo
Ludmila (Ludi) DemtchenkoRoom 3, 59 Warkworth TerraceEmmanuelNo Water NoNo
4Robin Hood's Merrymen + WomanChristina (Chris) WoodgerZA5Christ'sWater With Care NoYes-15
Toby Gleed-Owen4/19 4th StaircaseChrist'sWater With Care NoYes
Lucas Perez TrujilloQ6, Third CourtChrist'sNo Water NoNo
514KPhil BaoHarvey Courts c75aGonville and CaiusNo Water NoYes-25
James PolyblankHarvey Courts C94Gonville and CaiusNo Water YesYes
Richard BrittainHarvey Courts C69Gonville and CaiusNo Water NoNo
6The MacDonald TriadRobin Message23 Grad House, Robinson CollegeComputer LabNo Water NoYes-25
William (Twillo) BrooksBlue Boar O11TrinityWater With Care NoNo
Michael DonaghyB5 Burrell's FieldTrinityNo Water NoNo
7Wo Shing WoLuke ReganG12 West HouseHomertonNo WaterI walk to the engineering department at 8.30 everydayNoYes-29
David Anthony Read G09, West HouseHomertonNo Watermost lectures in town centre arts buildingNoNo
Victor Xu Heng LeongT6EmmanuelNo Water NoNo
8Verbenum ad VerberisRik Scholes201 Blundell CourtSidney SussexNo WaterMy bedder is a very...unique individual and may have choice words for loiterers between 7am and 12pm whilst she's around. You have been warned.NoYes-30
Emilie [Emmy] YerbyCG04NewnhamNo Water NoNo
Jenny MolloyG14 New CourtCorpus ChristiNo Water NoNo
9DastardlySol RichardsonK10St. Catharine'sWater With Care NoYes-30
Luke Bennett3 Library Court rm9JesusWater With Care NoNo
John Barrett58BChurchillNo WaterCompsci, so lectures are in the William Gates building. Mostly goes into town to shop at sainsbury's or go to the pubNoNo
10Final FlingVicky Nwosu-HopeL7, South CourtEmmanuelNo Water NoNo-33
Scott WildgooseL8, South CourtEmmanuelNo Water NoNo
Prashin (Prash) JethwaL2.4, South CourtEmmanuelNo Water NoNo
11No Mushrooms Ever!!!Elaine OliverA10New HallNo Water NoNo-35
Jack LeighB9 Cripps, St John's CollegeSt. John'sNo WaterAllergic to nutsNoNo
Amy BoothT4, Memorial CourtClareWater With CareI live in shared en-suite accommodation NoNo
12Wo On LokAmir HajizamaniH19 CrippsSt. John'sNo Water NoNo-35
Andy LondonE14 CrippsSt. John'sNo Water NoNo
RC AssassinH4 CrippsSt. John'sWater With Care NoNo
13BorealisHoward DaleA10 Wolfson BuildingTrinityNo Water NoNo-42
Colm FlanaganA7 Wolfson BuildingTrinityNo Water NoNo
Martin BaileyA6 Wolfson BuildingTrinityNo Water NoNo
14The MoustachiosJames DixonBlue Boar O9TrinityNo Water NoNo-43
Sam CocksBlue Boar O10TrinityNo Water NoNo
Oli StratfordBlue Boar O14TrinityNo Water NoNo
15Trinity TrinityLiam MencelM3 Blue Boar CourtTrinityNo Water NoNo-45
Dominic ThompsonB17 Wolfson BuildingTrinityNo Water NoNo
James BristerWolfson building E5TrinityNo Water NoNo
16Biker Mice From MarsKamila Ewa Julia Zubala (known as Camilla)Basing House, room 7MagdaleneNo Water NoNo-45
Roisin KiberdBenson A, Room 9MagdaleneNo Water NoNo
Liam BrierleyMallory Court E3MagdaleneWater With CareDon't use water near laptop/coffee tableNoNo
17Laser DolphinsYuan Cao Zhang49BChurchillNo WaterGo to lectures mon-sat in new museum and chem dep. sites.NoNo-45
Lorna Ayton32BChurchillNo Water NoNo
Ryan Hamlet46NChurchillNo WaterComputer Science. I have lectures every morning from 9 at the new museums site.NoNo
18NeraLaura ParkerU7, South CourtEmmanuelNo Water NoNo-45
Tomas (Tom) Rodriguez Perez - TomU2, South CourtEmmanuelNo Water NoNo
Pete DysonV5, South CourtEmmanuelNo Water NoNo
19The Three AmigosSean MaguireCloisters 4, EmmanuelEmmanuelNo WaterSEVERE ALLERGY TO NUTS and allergies to fruitNoNo-45
Callum RhodesY3, North Court EmmanuelNo Water NoNo
Simon AbernethyL3EmmanuelNo Water NoNo

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