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New on Sunday, 18 November

[17 Nov, 17:00 PM] The Game Ends
[17 Nov, 09:59 AM] The ghost of Alicia Danks poisons the soul of Kamila Ewa Julia Zubala (known as Camilla) (Vinnie the Psychopath)
[17 Nov, 15:00 PM] Fluffy sends Roisin Kiberd (Modo) back to Mars
[16 Nov, 22:45 PM] Theodore brings about a sur(3.14)sing end for Joshua Guy 'Duke' Blanchard Lewis (3.14 + 2veg = yum) and his puns

New on Saturday, 17 November

[16 Nov, 23:05 PM] Professor Klunk dispenses his own brand of justice to William (Twillo) Brooks (Theodore)
[16 Nov, 22:40 PM] Theodore charges down Alicia Danks (The Recalcitrant Frog)
[16 Nov, 19:00 PM] Fluffy shoots Professor Klunk from an OOB area, and then scares 3.14 + 2veg = yum away too
[14 Nov, 20:10 PM] 3.14 + 2veg = yum makes mincemeat of Sean Maguire (Sean the Sheep), and How

New on Friday, 16 November

[15 Nov, 19:05 PM] Vinnie the Psychopath checks the locks, thwarting Fluffy
[15 Nov, 17:30 PM] Fluffy finishes off Scott Wildgoose (The Tame Goose) and Vicky Nwosu-Hope (The Sex)
[15 Nov, 14:35 PM] Victor Xu Heng Leong (queen) and David Anthony Read (The man with a very big stick) go hunting for The Sex, but are ambushed by The Tame Goose
[15 Nov, 11:41 AM] Lean Mean Killing Machine defuses her post
[15 Nov, 10:00 AM] Will Everyone Stop Getting Shot! visits Theodore
[15 Nov, 08:30 AM] 3.14 + 2veg = yum lurks for Fluffy

New on Thursday, 15 November

[14 Nov, 22:22 PM] Liam Brierley (Throttle the Hunter) gets throttled by 3.14 + 2veg = yum
[14 Nov, 21:00 PM] Professor Klunk and 3.14 + 2veg = yum stomp Prashin (Prash) Jethwa (Dr Dash)

New on Wednesday, 14 November

[14 Nov, 17:50 PM] Simon Woolf (Dzeytoun) dies under the iron heel of Professor Klunk
[14 Nov, 12:45 PM] Professor Klunk takes down Simeon Bird (The Mad Hatter) (and an innocent)
[14 Nov, 19:30 PM] Dr Dash and The Tame Goose double-team Richard Brittain (Richard Brittain)
[14 Nov, 22:15 PM] Theodore makes his first move, James Dixon (Magnum PI) and Sam Cocks (Mario) makes their last
[14 Nov, 17:46 PM] Fluffy delivers the mail to Dr Dash and co.
[14 Nov, 16:25 PM] Lucas Perez Trujillo (Revolta) suffers from too much 3.14 + 2veg = yum
[14 Nov, 14:00 PM] Professor Klunk and 3.14 + 2veg = yum conspire to bring down Steven Shenton (The Cheshire Cat)
[14 Nov, 19:00 PM] queen sniffs the post
[14 Nov, 18:00 PM] queen cowers
[14 Nov, 13:12 PM] The man with a very big stick thwaps Callum Rhodes (SDG)
[13 Nov, 22:20 PM] Professor Klunk strikes again, and Elaine Oliver (Napoleon Dynamite) dies
[13 Nov, 22:00 PM] Vinnie the Psychopath stalked Christina (Chris) Woodger
[13 Nov, 20:45 PM] Fluffy stabbed The Cheshire Cat in an out of bounds area

New on Tuesday, 13 November

[13 Nov, 19:25 PM] Vinnie the Psychopath plays it safe
[12 Nov, 22:35 PM] Alice Jacobs collapses the wave function of Liam Mencel (The Mencellator)
[13 Nov, 22:25 PM] The Mad Hatter conquers Laura Parker (La Conquistadora)
[12 Nov, 13:15 PM] Dr Acula feasts on Jack Leigh (Pedro Sanchez)
[13 Nov, 17:43 PM] 3.14 + 2veg = yum makes a tasty meal of Yuan Cao Zhang (Disclaimer)
[13 Nov, 16:15 PM] 3.14 + 2veg = yum tracks down Amy Booth (Alice Jacobs), but takes an innocent too
[13 Nov, 11:04 AM] Simeon Bird get his vengeance on Michael Donaghy (Alvin)
[12 Nov, 19:00 PM] Luke Bennett (I'm not a minion, I'm a man - oh wait I'm...) gives 3.14 + 2veg = yum and The Recalcitrant Frog the runaround, but eventually succumbs.
[12 Nov, 17:15 PM] Fluffy slays Amir Hajizamani (Dr Acula)
[12 Nov, 12:00 PM] The Dormouse gets overexcited
[12 Nov, 21:20 PM] The Mad Hatter and The Cheshire Cat do the Emmanuel circuit, bagging Pete Dyson (Destructive Dys), Tomas (Tom) Rodriguez Perez (Entreline), and Simon Abernethy (Horatio T Loins)
[13 Nov, 10:02 AM] Alvin takes the opportunity to dispatch Jayaveni (Jaya) Chedumbarum Pillay (The Dormouse)
[13 Nov, 10:03 AM] 3.14 + 2veg = yum gets his revenge on Lorna Ayton (Pretty Hate Machine)
[13 Nov, 09:55 AM] The Mad Hatter finds Jenny Molloy (Amanita Arbury)
[12 Nov, 20:00 PM] The man with a very big stick, Golden Worm and queen do the Emmanuel circuit
[12 Nov, 18:45 PM] The Dormouse broke the heart of Emilie [Emmy] Yerby (JV)
[12 Nov, 22:10 PM] 3.14 + 2veg = yum scares Ludmila (Ludi) Demtchenko (The Crow) into the waiting clutches of Professor Klunk, while Dzeytoun runs away
[12 Nov, 21:40 PM] The Crow and Dzeytoun bring excitement to the Union, but 3.14 + 2veg = yum escapes by the skin of his reflective jacket
[12 Nov, 22:00 PM] Magnum PI mutilated Martin Bailey's corpse
[12 Nov, 20:20 PM] The Cheshire Cat smiles on Andy London (Lord Roobob)
[12 Nov, 20:04 PM] The Mad Hatter tells Martin Bailey (Northern Boys Love Gravy) the killing joke
[12 Nov, 19:35 PM] In which The man with a very big stick, Golden Worm, queen, The Mad Hatter, The Cheshire Cat and Fluffy all fail to kill one another
[12 Nov, 16:10 PM] Joshua Guy 'Duke' Blanchard Lewis sings a song for Luke Bennett and William (Twillo) Brooks
[12 Nov, 20:44 PM] James Polyblank hunts The Recalcitrant Frog, but kills something else instead
[12 Nov, 18:15 PM] The Recalcitrant Frog surprises John Barrett (Spiderjesus)

New on Monday, 12 November

[12 Nov, 16:00 PM] Magnum PI squishes Howard Dale (Frog)
[12 Nov, 15:55 PM] Magnum PI mows down Colm Flanagan (Alcibiades)
[12 Nov, 09:55 AM] Frog has James Brister (James Brister) put down
[12 Nov, 13:30 PM] Shenanigans occur
[12 Nov, 13:15 PM] Alcibiades serves Dominic Thompson (Dominic Thompson) his last meal
[12 Nov, 11:05 AM] RC Assassin (The Dark Crusader) also takes a lesson from Professor Klunk
[12 Nov, 08:30 AM] Professor Klunk teaches Ryan Hamlet (Wannabe Tramp) a thing or two
[12 Nov, 15:55 PM] Oli Stratford (Groucho) is surprised by a wild Frog

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