Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Wanted List

Real NameCrimeTime of redemptionAddressCollegeWater StatusOther Notes
Aneurin John Redman-WhiteShooting 7 innocents in one incident01:00 17/6/2010CE06 Cromwell Court, King StreetSidney SussexNo WaterMy college wedding is at 11.30 on Monday. I am prepared to fight a duel in the style of a 17th-century swashbuckling romance for the hand of my bride - swords only lest you lose your honour as a gentleman (or lady, should you be that way inclined)!
Simon TaylorFalling for Twillo's antics 01:00 17/6/20101A Sylvester Road, Room 9RobinsonNo WaterOOB in Robinson Ball and King's Affair queues
Alex GuttenplanShooting a punting innocent 01:00 17/6/2010Barnwell Hostel C3EmmanuelNo Water[Eventer] Not playing on Monday and Tuesday. OOB while carrying violin. OoB in the Emmanuel ball queues

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