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Durham Invasion
Saturday 15th Feb, and Sunday 16th Feb, the Durham Assassins Guild will be down to 'visit'. Our game will be paused for 2 days to meet their threat!
See the socials page, the frontpage and the rules for details.
Email assassins@srcf.ucam.org to be involved.
CURS 24 hr dungeon
The Cambridge University Role-Playing Society (CURS) is running a 24 hour dungeon on Sat/Sun 25/26th Jan. Due to the number of assassins likely to be attending, and the fact that it is so long, the Library building, Churchill, will be out of bounds for anyone taking part. Any kills involving such people in that area will be anulled. The Out Of Bounds area starts at 2:30 25th January 2003 and finishes at 3:30 26th January 2003.

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