Cloak & Dagger

Social Events

Social Events will be advertised here. Look out for interesting things, which will definitely be arranged shortly!

End Of Game Party #1 (10 March)

Now the game is over we have an excuse to get together, play a few games and consume alcohol. Well, another excuse at any rate. Anyway - 23/25 Grange Road is hosting, starting from about 20.00. Bring a bottle of your favourite alcohol, but remember that there may still be lectures on Tuesday :-(

Durham Party

Since Durham are coming to visit, we will be running a party with us and them, and probably pub meets during the day for dead players. More details to come

Start of Game Party (24 January)

Aka Mike's birthday party. This will be happenning on the night of the start of the game. The party will be from 9pm in the party room in Bolton House, Trinity Hall Wychfield Site, Huntingdon road, just past Fitzwilliam college. The party itself will be out of bounds, so that assassins can come without worrying. People staggering home drunk in the early hours of the morning are also safe from harm. The Umipres will invalidate any kill directly resulting from people being at the party - they want people to come!

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