Michaelmas 2002 Wanted List

Pseudonym:Name: College:Address:Comments:
The Minister of Interior Decorating Simon Ford Emmanuel Basement, 22 ParksideNo Water Weapons
For being a very naughty boy

Pseudonym:Name: College:Crime:
Dr Slightly Malevolent Johannes Nordström King's
Sister of Darkness Hannah Burton Trinity
Evil Capitalist Michael Dnes Trinity Wanted for misuse of contact poison
The Mailman James Bowe Churchill Wanted for naughtiness!
Wha? Jordan McCrindle King's
Fly Boy Alexander Instrell Jesus For the death of an innocent
arial68 Alastair Willoughby King's
The Minister of Dhooommmmmmmm! Jonathan Hogg St Catharine's For killing several innocents and illegal players, and for excessive use of contact poison.
Marcus Mortimer Yoni Garson Girton For killing a policeman
The Green Blade Thomas de Rivaz Caius For misuse of contact poison
The Loom of Lost Souls Matthew Bennett Trinity For killing lots of people
The Boy with the Thorn In His Side Niall Taylor Magdalene For killing an innocent- three incos for redemption.
The Shadow Ross Fenning Christ's For contact poisoning a doorhandle
The Shipmanator Zoeb Jiwaji Caius For a leaked poisoned letter
Bellisarius Kristian Gustafson Downing For poisoning a doorhandle

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