Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild - Vampires vs. Werewolves Game Summary

This experimental game was run in the last week of Lent term 2004 by Duncan Brewer. The rules used can be seen here. The game began at 8am on Monday, March 8th, and the roles were initially assigned as follows:

The Vampires

Chronos (Gordon Ball)
LeStat (Ed Saperia)
Mechanik (Ed Heaney)
Monkey (Martin O'Leary)
Pufferfish (Rosemary Warner)

The vampires were grouped into two pairs and a singleton. Chronos and LeStat were each told of the vampiric nature of the other, as were Mechanik and Pufferfish. Monkey was left to fend for himself.

The Werewolves

AbF (Adam Baird Fraser)
Bryony (Bryony Baines)
Corkscrew (Alex Labram)
Kat (Ross Edmondson)
Maz (Martin Lester)

The werewolves were similarly divided into two pairs (AbF and Maz, Bryony and Kat) and one lone wolf (Corkscrew).

The Townsfolk

Adam (Adam Biltcliffe) Foxy (Paul Fox) Sista (Hannah Burton)
Ahdok (David Birch) Garath (John-Joseph Wilks) Snapdragon (James Osborn)
Banichi (Edward Allcutt) Highlander (Lachlan McLean) Stumo (Stuart Moore)
Bladud (Simeon Bird) Johannes (Johannes Nordström) Stvee (Steve Petitt)
Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Lauren Grest) King Of Wrong (Russ Williams) Tigger (Ian Abel)
Carrie (Carrie Oliver) Koryne (Kirsty Reger) Vicky (Victoria Kowalkowski)
Cat (Catherine Hall) Maxwell (Ric Brackenbury) Xanth (Aidan Robison)
Deuce (Tom Booth) ^Nightwing^ (Chris Field)
Dr Evil (Tom Hooper) Pavanne (Jenny Chase)
Flying O (Michael Richards) Scotsman (Michael Cripps)

Starting count: 5 vampires, 5 werewolves, 27 townsfolk

Day 1 (Monday, March 8th)

LeStat made the mistake of checking his email to find out his role with AbF looking over his shoulder and was promptly shot and killed for his mistake. Meanwhile, Corkscrew had got up early and went to St. John's where he successfully transformed Flying O into a werewolf. Unfortunately he then visited AbF, unaware that he was also a werewolf, and was killed after making a lame attempt to get him to open the door. Maz killed Chronos on his way to lectures, but was unable to turn him due to the victim already being a vampire.

Flying O then went out to find the remainder of the Johnian players. He successfully converted Stumo and then killed Monkey but was unable to turn him. Not long after, Flying O was himself killed by Maxwell who had discovered that he was a werewolf. Seeing Ahdok arrive to visit the newly-deceased Flying O, Maxwell assumed incorrectly that he was also a werewolf, and so killed him.

Adam ran into AbF in the computer lab later in the morning and allowed himself to be turned into a werewolf. Unfortunately, at around this time the dead LeStat announced publically his own status and the identity and status of his killer, AbF. The Umpire therefore declared that AbF would be transformed into a townsperson in order to give him a clean slate. As soon as this was announced, Adam returned to where he had just met AbF and turned the latter straight back into a werewolf. AbF then returned to Christ's where he killed Mechanik.

Xanth ran into Dr Evil in Sainsbury's and killed him on general principles. Dr Evil's corpse was shot again on its way home by Adam, who minutes later also killed and turned Vicky on the way to a supervison. While heading to New Museums to report the turning he ran into Stvee and so turned him as well.

Things then went quiet for a few hours until Caius hall, where Pufferfish successfully ambushed ^Nightwing^ and Bryony, turning the former and killing the latter. Shortly afterwards AbF and Adam attacked Deuce who was attending formal hall in Christ's and transformed him.

Later in the evening AbF and Adam tailed Xanth out of a society meeting and turned him. The three wolves then went to visit Garath and successfully turned both him and Maxwell who was there at the time. Much later in the evening, Bullet With Butterfly Wings was invited to join them, and after some tenuous promises were made that she would not be attacked in Burrell's Field, AbF and Xanth ambushed and turned her on the road outside. At some point in the evening the werewolves also killed the innocent Stephen McCann who had joined the party in Trinity.

Count at end of day 1: 2 vampires (plus 4 dead), 12 werewolves (plus 3 dead), 14 townsfolk (plus 2 dead)

Day 2 (Tuesday, 9 March)

Maz intercepted Carrie on the way to lectures and turned her into a werewolf. Meanwhile Adam and Garath met up to ambush Sista on the way out of her exeat meeting, but it had been rescheduled at the last minute so they failed to find her. They therefore headed for New Museums in time for the end of lectures where Xanth had just turned Bladud.

Adam, Garath, Xanth, Bladud, Stvee and Maxwell then met up outside Trinity Hall in the hope of finding some of the players there going to lunch. Tigger was warned by the non-playing Stephen Horne that there were assassins in the area, moments before the informant was killed by Maxwell. Tigger passed the warning to Scotsman who then came out to investigate. Adam managed to distract him for long enough for Maxwell to sneak up behind and shoot him. Once Scotsman had been turned he went to tell Tigger that the danger was over and led him out into Trinity Hall front court where he was surrounded by the other six werewolves. Tigger made a brave attempt to run away but was killed and turned by Scotsman.

While the werewolves ate lunch in Trinity Hall, AbF killed and turned Foxy on the way out of lectures. ^Nightwing^ killed the nonplaying Tom de Rivaz for no obvious reason. Later in the afternoon Maz went to look for ^Nightwing^ but ran into King Of Wrong instead and so turned him.

Maxwell, Scotsman, Adam and Garath headed to Selwyn to attack Kat (who they didn't know was a werewolf) and Cat. A complicated incident ensued including an exciting chase around Cripps Court, but due to some rather suspect conduct most of the incident was annulled and the only eventual outcome was that Maxwell was killed. Unfortunately the Umpire accidentally confirmed that Scotsman was a werewolf while explaining the incident, and so ruled that he would be converted back to a townsperson.

Tigger had planned to meet up with Banichi earlier while he was a townsperson in order to kill Adam, so he went ahead with the meeting and turned Banichi. Banichi then went to visit Scotsman claiming to have killed Tigger and stabbed him while borrowing his computer to report the fabricated incident, turning him back into a werewolf.

Banichi and Tigger then went to Caius to find Pufferfish, but unbeknownst to them Pufferfish and ^Nightwing^ had already met up in order to ambush Maz, who was going to a supervision. Pufferfish therefore killed both Banichi and Tigger before killing Maz as well once he did arrive.

In the evening the werewolves once again met up in Burrell's Field. Koryne was invited to join them and found her way into the unlocked room full of werewolves, catching them initially unawares. Fotunately for the wolves she didn't realise anything was amiss until Bladud tried to shoot her, whereupon she dodged but was quickly stabbed by Garath and so joined the wolf team.

Pavanne had been convinced earlier in the day that her boyfriend Scotsman was a werewolf but didn't think he could have been reinfected after being cleared that afternoon. She later claimed that she "didn't realise anything was amiss until the kisses turned into biting".

Count at end of Day 2: 2 vampires (plus 4 dead), 17 werewolves (plus 7 dead), 5 townsfolk (plus 2 dead)

Day 3 (Wednesday, 10 March)

Most of the morning passed without incident, although Stumo prowled around the CMS looking for Snapdragon, Sista and Johannes. In the afternoon Stumo "accidentally" pasted a faked IRC transcript into #assassins which revealed that both he and ^Nightwing^ were vampires, in order to raise suspicion among the remaining towsfolk.

In the evening, Pavanne, Scotsman, Stumo, Adam and Xanth attempted to ambush Snapdragon on his way to a curry, but unfortunately they had been misinformed and he failed to turn up at all. The werewolves then spent the evening sneaking around central Cambridge looking for players.

At this point there was another dodgy incident, this time in the Market square. As a result, the players involved (Pavanne, Scotsman, Snapdragon and Sista) were disqualified and the Umpire, reasoning that the outcome was now a sure thing in any case, declared the game to be at an end.

Final count: 2 vampires (plus 4 dead), 15 werewolves (plus 7 dead), 3 townsfolk (plus 2 dead)

Outcome: Werewolf victory!

Game summary by Adam Biltcliffe, uploaded in Lent 2006, two years after-the-fact.

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