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Easter 2003 Mafia Game News

At 00:00 on the 6th, The Mayor was killed (by The Mayor).

It seems that the Mayor of Canterbridge has been brutally murdered. Who is to blame?

At 10:10 on the 6th, The Writer was killed (by The Widow).

Senorita Rosemaria Ouarnerre seems to have become the next victim of the Guild. Her body was found on King's Parade, riddled with some form of strange orange bullet. Her blood now mingles with the excess fudge from the fudge shop she loved so much.

At 18:15 on the 6th, The Constable was killed (by The Gravedigger).

Constable Eddie O'Cutt was gunned down in a fierce firefight outside his home today. Gunshot wounds indicate a fierce duel, with PC O'Cutt sustaining wounds to the arm, leg and eventually chest. Donations to the Police Fund for Widows and Orphans are being accepted.

At 09:57 on the 7th, The Doctor was killed (by The Barman).

Doctor Adam Biltklev was found dead this morning following what appears to have been a protracted gun battle against superior weaponry. His body was found, with a single bullet in the chest, fired from point blank range, in the middle of the New Museums Site. There was evidence of heavy fire in front of the Cockcroft Lecture Theatre, and the victim had a single bullet left in his gun. Help was called from a nearby town, but without the help of the patient himself, nobody could save him.

At 12:15 on the 7th, The Gravedigger was killed (by The Minister).

The blood of town misanthrope Jonny J drips into the River Canter today, as his body is found on King's Bridge this afternoon. A strange, band-shaped bullet was found in his chest. No evidence of the killer has been found, although footprints indicate there was a chase. Mr J will be sorely missed by the town, as everybody now has to dig their own graves.

At 13:08 on the 7th, The Butler was killed (by The Barman).

Monsieur du Nez was found shot at the west end of Trinity Hall Bridge today. It seems the attacker had fired a bullet into the side of his head at point blank range. The death toll mounts.

At 18:30 on the 7th, some visitors were disturbed

It seems that Matt Johnson and Abi Baker, two visitors to Canterbridge, were gunned down today. Details of their deaths are unclear at this point.

At 19:00 on the 7th, The Barman was killed (by The Widow).

Mike, the beloved barman of Canterbridge, was killed today, shot in the back outside Trinity Hall, on the corner of Garrett Hostel Lane. An orange pellet was extracted from the wound. Canterbridge will have no aid to drowning its sorrows tonight, as the Flying Scotsman shuts.

At 22:17 on the 7th, there was a bit of a shootout

The body of Catherine Zentile, a visitor to Canterbridge, was found outside E110 Wolfson Court this evening. The body seemed to be riddled with bullets.

At 16:10 on the 8th, The Lady was killed (by The Widow).

The once-proud de Burton family is no more. Lady Hanna was found dead outside the Faulkner Gates of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences today. Cause of death is ascribed to the gunshot wound to the front of her chest. A small band-shaped projectile was extracted from the wound.

At 16:30 on the 9th, The Schoolmistress was killed (by The Widow).

Canterbridge's beloved schoolmistress, Miss Jennifer Courteous, became the latest victim today as she was shot dead near the Bene't Street corner on King's Parade. An orange pellet was extracted from the wound in her chest.

At 17:25 on the 9th, The Minister was killed (by The Widow).

There will be none to give the funeral for the latest of Canterbridge's citizens to die, the Reverend Ricardo Bracenburio. His body was found, wrapped around his bicycle outside the gates of the CMS. A closer investigation revealed a gunshot wound to the chest.

At 18:10 on the 9th, The Colonel was killed (by The Widow).

Colonel Samuel Thompson-Blackburn was found dead in room E120, Wolfson Court this evening with an orange pellet embedded in the gunshot wound in his chest. He will be sorely missed by the ever-shrinking community.

At 10:05 on the 10th, The Drunk was killed (by The Widow).

Moe, the beloved town drunk was shot with some sort of orange pellet to the chest today outside the Cockcroft Lecture Theatre.

At 10:05 on the 10th, The Widow was killed (by The Drunk).

Jen Chaste, the hated scourge of the town, was killed today outside the Cockcroft Lecture Theatre by some sort of band-shaped projectile.

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