Cloak & Dagger The Assassins' Guild: Mayhem 2007 Rules


There is a new scoring algorithm in place for the mini-Mayweek game, and consequently you should be aware of the rough principles behind it:

Killing people earns you points (this is hopefully obvious). Thus, there is a flat points rate for each kill, with one exception: The players with the six highest scores each evening will become "Notorious" for the next day, and will be worth more points to their killers; additionally, the top player out of these (ie the overall leader) gains "Public Enemy Number One" status and is worth even more.


'Farming' is the term used to describe repeatedly killing the same person, or group of people, for instance if you live next door to someone and thus have a much easier time of killing them than anyone else. There is no built-in penalty for farming in this ruleset, but if you feel you are being unjustly picked on by a player, please do not hesitate to inform the Umpire, who will take whatever action is deemed necessary.

If you have any general questions, again, please contact the Umpire at

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