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Assassins is a game of mock assassination for a large number of players. The object of the game is to track down and eliminate the other players using a variety of harmless methods in accordance with the rules, whilst trying to avoid elimination yourself. The game is played for the enjoyment of everyone involved.

It is important for the safety and fun of all participants that you have read and understood the rules. If you have any questions about these once you have read them please ask for clarification from the Umpire, who will be only too happy to provide it.

Mafia is a variation on the "Elimination" game played earlier this term. The majority of the standard rules are still used, with the following differences:

How do I play?

The game, in brief:

The weapons rules describe the various weaponry you may use to eliminate other assassins, although you may email the Umpire to request that other weapons be licensed.

Whom can I kill?

The following are licit targets for any player:

A map detailing the "turf" of the various mafias can be found here.


Whenever a player is involved in any assassins-related incident, such as attempting to kill another player, or another player making an attempt on them, they must inform the Umpire as soon as possible. The Umpire will decide what to publish. You may request that a report not be published, but it may be despite this, or disclosed at the end of the game, for the amusement of all involved with the Game.

If several members of a mafia are present at the incident, you may nominate one person to give a report if you want to.

During the course of the Game, reports of events will be published on the website. Reports are simply required to be short factual summaries of the incident. E-mails with reports must in addition contain the following information for the Umpire, for the sake of clarity, as he likes to know what's actually going on:


Each Assassin starts the game with one pseudonym, which they may use in news reports to disguise their true identity. Reports can be made under an Assassin's pseudonym, or under their real name. If you do not specify a preference, your pseudonym will be used. If you do not specify a pseudonym on sign-up, the Umpire reserves the right to make one up.

Unlike in "Elimination", you cannot create further pseudonyms

Pseudonyms must not cause an undue degree of personal or general offence and the names of recent Players may not be used (unless it's your own name).

The Wanted List:

Assassins who break the rules in minor ways, for instance by accidentally killing an illicit target, will be placed on the Wanted List and they become legal targets for everyone else in the game.

Players placed on the Wanted List will only be removed in exceptional circumstances (or upon death).

A Player is considered Wanted and a legal target for all Players from the moment their name appears on the Wanted List webpage, until it is removed due to their death or redemption.


Due to the short nature of this game, there will be no competence conditions.

The Police Force:

There will also be no Police Force

Conduct and Out of Bounds Areas:

These will be the same as they were in the last game (Elimination)

The Umpire:

This Umpire for this Game is Steven Shenton of Emmanuel College, and he may be contacted by e-mailing

The primary method of contacting the Umpire is through e-mail, though players are welcome to visit. The Umpire's room is 2, 58 Warkworth Terrace. He loves meeting new people, so do pop by! The room and nearby landing are considered out-of-bounds. However, players are discouraged from running into this area in order to escape an attacker. Should a Player burst into the Umpire's room gibbering about attacking Assassins, he will laugh and may draw attention to their lack of (wo)manly courage.

Any queries about the game can be e-mailed to the Umpire, or players can visit (but you should probably try to arrange the meeting beforehand, since even the Umpire goes to lectures occasionally). Players should try to resolve any queries before they become a matter of life or death.

Attempting to take items from the Umpire's pigeonhole or break into his computer account is strictly forbidden. Impersonating the Umpire is also forbidden; see Conduct.

Player-Umpire communications may be made public at the end of the game for everyone's enlightenment and amusement. If players do not wish a certain communication to be made public, please tell the Umpire.

The Umpire is immortal, omnipotent and omnipresent. Players attempting to test these propositions may be placed on the Wanted List or slain.

Signing up for the game:

If you've read all that and you'd like to play, you should provide the Umpire with:

Anyone found to have supplied false or misleading details to the Umpire will be disqualified, but I'm sure it's not necessary to say that.

If you live in a shared room, you are advised to tell your roommate that you are playing, so that he or she will not think that your assassins are real murderers. It is your duty to ensure that they will not act unreasonably towards any attacking Players.

Note that by signing up to play you are agreeing to report any assassins-related events which you are involved in for the period during which you remain alive, including your death. You are also giving permission for other players to enter or attempt to enter your accommodation should you leave doors unlocked or windows open and to make attempts to 'kill' you, acting in good faith and utilising such methods as described elsewhere in the Rules.

You play the game of Assassins entirely at your own risk. Neither the Umpire nor any other member of the Guild, past or present, can accept any liability for personal injury, loss of, or damage to, property or other loss incurred during the game. Nothing contained in these Rules should be taken as encouragement or permission to break the Law.


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