Important notes

We offer the same services to both users and societies.

The term “society” is a misnomer. What we call “society” accounts are simply any form of shared non-personal account. They do not have to represent a College/University society, this is merely how they are commonly used.

What the SRCF provides...

... all for free?  Yes :)

How do I sign up as a user?

Just fill out the Membership Application webform.

How do I sign up as a society?

To get your society some space on the SRCF you need a member of the SRCF (who also happens to be affiliated to your society) to apply on your behalf. The SRCF has no objection to, and actively encourages individuals becoming members of the SRCF for the sole purpose of hosting a website for a society or group of people.

To get a society account, having become an SRCF member if necessary using the Membership Application webform, you need to fill out the Society Account Application webform with the full name of your society, its abbreviation (or another suitable short name for it) and a list of administrators, all of whom will need to be SRCF members. It's better to have more than one administrator to help provide continutity when people graduate, but administrators can be added or removed at any time by emailing the sysadmins –

Web and email provision

You can have your existing hostname (or whatever) pointed at the SRCF webhosting facilities in almost all cases, or have a pretty transparent redirection instated. The SRCF sysadmins can help advise on this. You get http://<socname> (or whatever your abbreviation turns out to be) in any case.

The webspace can be managed by a group of administrators, and is capable of running CGI scripts (for handling things like online signup forms for events). The policies governing the use of CGI programs is liberal (in comparison with most other webservers in the University and the internet industry at large). The guiding motivation behind most SRCF system administration policies is to provide as much flexibility to users as possible, within the constraints of security, manageability and affordability. These policies can often be amended quickly to accommodate the unforeseen needs of individuals and groups trying to do something novel.

Requests for additional services

If you feel that there is a service or application that is not provided at the moment, please feel free to request it from the sysadmins –