Views of Cambridge

Tour themes

Each tour includes five characters, all of whom have lived and studied or worked at Cambridge during their lives and have contributed significantly to the particular field adopted as the theme of the tour. Some basic facts are given about each route (such as approximate distance and duration) to help you choose an appropriate tour.

At each stop along the route, you can gain a brief understanding of the research done by the character associated with it. You can also perform a fun, simple experiment or activity to demonstrate an aspect of this work or its significance. This is a great option for those with kids looking to keep them entertained, for any prospective students to gain a better idea of the research that goes on at Cambridge or indeed anyone who fancies a bit of fun along the way.

By downloading a tour leaflet, you can print the essentials onto a single A4 sheet to provide you with all the information you need to know enroute. If you click on an individual character you can find out more about their lives and further details about the experiments - as well as more to investigate at home.