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Survey of US government scientists finds range of attitudes toward Trump policies

Science Magazine - 15 hours ago
It's widely assumed that many U.S. government scientists disagree with President Donald Trump on several of his controversial science appointments, his proposed deep cuts to research, and a spate...

New Survey Offers First Look into Science in the Trump Era

Union of Concerned Scientists - 6 hours ago
WASHINGTON (August 14, 2018)—Over the past year and a half, the news from inside the Trump administration has been disturbing: reports of studies cancelled, public-facing information altered or...

These labmade fossils could reveal how dinosaurs really looked

Science Magazine - 7 hours ago
But by “baking” their own fossils with pressure, heat, and clay, scientists have now found a way to reveal how soft tissues preserve in fossils that turn up millions of years later—an approach...

A new computer program generates eerily realistic fake videos

Science News - 5 hours ago
“The camera never lies” is a thing of the past. A new computer program can manipulate a video such that the person on-screen mirrors the movements and expressions of someone in a different video....

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