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Materials Science

Materials Science covers a wide range of topics in Part 1A with no prior knowledge of materials assumed, however a thorough understanding of some of the key courses is essential (Course A for example). There are some tricky parts to the year (Course E I found difficult) but equally there are very interesting parts to the year. The whole year is lectured really well by members of the department who are engaging and enthusiastic about their subject, with some demonstrations every now and again to help explain ideas presented in the lectures. The Materials Science department website is the most useful for the course (www.msm.cam.ac.uk), and contains all the information you’ll need. www.doitpoms.ac.uk is a website designed for consolidating the lecture series and lecturers will often recommend completing the exercises from it.

In first year I studied Chemistry, Evolution&Behaviour and Maths A along with Materials Science, but I am not continuing with Materials in second year. The combination worked really well for me, and I found the whole year very interesting.

Contact Michael: mnc27@cam.ac.uk