The pinned news could go here

And have some sort of scrolly stuff going on.

And the rest of the news...

...could go here. Let's pretend we've got something really interesting to say for the sake of argument, that way I can at least put in enough space not to make the website ridiculously short. It doesn't really give a good impression of what it might look like if I don't just ramble along here. I need to write enough text that it will fill a fair bit of the space and push the bottom down. It would be nice if it were able to run off the bottom of the screen a bit so that we can check that things don't just end up wrapping round to this side.

The nested div structure

Matthew Taylor has colour coded each div so it's easy to see:

Two column right menu layout nested div structure

The header, colmask and footer divs are 100% wide and stacked vertically one after the other. Colleft is inside colmask. The two column content divs (col1 & col2) are inside colleft. Notice that the main content column (col1) comes before the side column.

However, I might just...

...change this whole thing around. I'm not sure if we need any of the extra stuff or if there's an easier way I could do it by using one of my CSS books. It might be easier to use something else in order to achieve the two column layout.

We could stick...

...upcoming events and stuff here.

Or just put...

The login stuff here