Department of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics

Centre for Mathematical Sciences

Wilberforce Road



The Seminars shall be in Meeting Room 3. This is the second largest seminar room underneath the reception/cafeteria area.

Telephone and Fax of Main Reception

Telephone: +44 1223 764 267

Fax: +44 1223 766 883

Rough Plan of the CMS. It is essentially useless for our purposes, but the only one presently available due to CMS website restructuring. If the situation does not improve, we will sketch and scan in a proper plan. The idea, once we have a Plan, is to direct people to enter via reception, from where the cafetria and meeting room 3 are very easy to find.

Cambridge by Rail

The station is around 35 minutes' walk from the Department. Quite a lot of the accommodation is near the station but slightly closer in. There are fast trains to and from London King's Cross half-hourly, punctuated by slower trains. There are also slower trains twice hourly to London Liverpool Street. Birmingham--Stansted trains also pass through Cambridge. A wider variety of places can be reached through changing at Ely, Leicester or, particularly, Peterborough.

Train Timetables

Cambridge by Bus

Cambridge has a bus station on Drummer Street, about 25 minutes' walk from the Department. This has Stagecoach and National Express buses, e.g. roughly hourly to and from London, Oxford, and once or twice a day to a wide variety of destinations.

Cambridge by Air

Stansted Airport is 40 minutes away by coach or 25 minutes away by train. Taxiing there may cost in excess of 50.

There are substantially longer Coach links between Cambridge and London's other airports. While, from Heathrow one can take the Picadilly line to Kings Cross, and from Gatwick, one can take a train to e.g. Victoria Station, from where one can take the Victoria line to Kings Cross.

Cambridge by Car

Approaching Cambridge by Car

Parking in Cambridge (though some of the accommodation will have free or cheap parking - ask when booking it.

Busroutes within Cambridge

See here. The CMS is not marked on it, but it is next door to Wolfson Court Girton, which is. Use in conjunction with this to find bus routes from the street your accommodation is on to the centre, or, if you are lucky, to near the CMS itself using the U4, C4 or one of the many buses which run along Madingley Road.


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