Christmas College, Cambridge

Welcome to our website With help from volunteers, we are functioning again it seems for winter/Christmas/NewYear for 2015 / 2016.

We are a (non-registered) society of the University of Cambridge. Unlike most other CU societies, our active time is during the Christmas vacation. Over the festive week the colleges and accommodation can be very empty. It can seem that there is no one else around, however a surprising number of students remain over the vacation. If you will be here - then this society is for you !

When everything else shuts down - this society comes alive! We co-ordinate a programme of social events before and after Christmas. The events are light weight and what makes them succeed are the people who attend. We run events from around December 16 till January 5 (though not usually Dec 25) and function in a similar way to other CU societies.

So if you are around - we hope to see you in the winter.


You can subscribe to our mailing list. There is no membership fee.

Help out

Volunteers are needed for the winter break. Please subscribe and reply to an organizer on the list. If you are interested in helping only a little, then please print out this web page even if only in black and white, and place a copy on your MCR notice board. Thank you. Tell your friends about us. We can be reached easily by googling "Christmas College".

History of Christmas College

Founded in 2001 or so, we have been active each winter vacation since.

An alternative solution to Christmas blues - WISC

Christmas College doesn't invite people into homes, but uses available facilities and public spaces. However if you wish to have a "hospitality experience" in a local resident's home either at Christmas (e.g. lunch) or at other times during the year, please check out Welcome International Students of Cambridge (WISC)