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This page was originally written (pinkly) by David Harris, has been maintained by James Percival, and was rewritten (and updated) in XHTML by David Welchew. Recent additions are from Peter Lumsdaine, and even more recent updates by Angela Bennett (who only discovered its existence as at 05/04/2008).

The Past and Present Denizens of soc-ucpo-misc, some of whom loomed large in the glory days

Name a.k.a email/CRSID Picture Synopsis
Alex Williams   ahfw2 Awix Fluffy horn-player and spanish troubadour lover
Alison Stanley Alsion aks41 Alsion 'Don't answer me, you are wrong.'
Caroline Williams camw3 Caroline A sweet, innocent and lovely linguisticist
Chris Phelps Yellow Warlock cjp40 Chris Principal violin and ex-chairman
Clare Kirkpatrick   clk25 Clare a wonderful lady
David Harris Harris david Harris Now in Brum, but a regular contributor...
Dave Sim Hairy Dave das48 Dave Long-haired lover from Kent
David Welchew Figure it out dew22 David Medic of Doom (well, PhD at the moment)
Fan Yang randomfan fy209 Fan CompSci who used to spend more time in rehearsals than in lectures
Fiona Salisbury   wallabysalisbury Fi Cuddly graduated ASNaC
John Aldridge John the Beard jdsa John John the Beard
Mark Pritchard   mgp28 MarkP Ex-teaboy, ex-plantSci, big grin. Oh, and yet another ex-chair.
Naomi Ward Gnome, pineappleheart nw215 Gnome Gorgeous, friendly ASNaC [as described by jrp44, who may be biased]
Paul Ryland   paul, dpar2 Paul Falls off chairs.
Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine Pedro pll23 Pedro Hornblowing mathmo with hair
Phil Potter   pgp24 Phil *hugs* *pokes* *hugs* Often seen in human pyramids.
Rob Richards Santa's Monkey rmr26 Santa's Monkey 'Most people call me Rob'
Tom Pullman Wolfram tjop2 Tom Talks in Irish, and possibly tongues
The following people have all sadly left the list, due to pressures of real world or sanity...
Stefan Fraczek   stefanfraczek, sf337 Stefan Rumoured successor to Harris. Oboist. Male. No, really...
Simon Cottrell   sjc64 Simon Now in Sheffield, but still typing
Oliver Seal Oli os227 Oli Charismatic conductor, graduate in evilness from the Zaklama school
Mel Harbour Fluffy mrh30 Mel Viola-playing boatie
Jon Storey jstozz jds36 Jon S Percussionist, mathematician and all-round smooth operator
Jenny Howie   jah76 Jen Adorable zoologist - doesn't look this psychotic in real life.
James Percival Froth Door jrp44 Jimbo Tuba with a dodgy beard, mathmo turned weatherman
Beccy Hancox Nutella, Bc rch35 Beccy Ex-ruler of the Universe
Becky Collis Bk rjc46 Becky Hyperenergetic trumpet player
Cath Reifen   cath Cath Classical astrophysicist, now in London
Nick Zaklama   naszaklama Nick evil conductor
Richard Neill   rn214 Richard A flute-playing Rob Roy

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