The UCPO Spoon of Glory

Chapter 5: The quest

Back in UCPO capital city, the Mighty Kendall was most pleased with the actions of her loyal UCPOites, and pondered what to now do with the Spoon. She began by examining it, and found that it bore the following inscription:

One Spoon to rule them all
One Spoon to stir them
One Spoon to overthrow
and in the dark inter them.

Her sweet and pure nature was sickened at the existence of such evil. Her conclusion was simple: the Spoon had to be destroyed. And she herself would leave the shores of her beloved land and trust the UCPOites to create their own destiny. She sent a message to Robert of Nimmo to let him know that the Spoon would be beginning its journey to his hallowed halls the following day, and gathered the UCPOites to announce the plan.

'The Spoon of Glory must be destroyed in order to bring Daniel to his senses, and to remove the temptation for others to follow his example. To achieve this, I have selected two people to lead the long journey north to the abode of the great Robert of Nimmo, whose fire will rid our world of the Spoon and its evil influence. A small group of UCPOites will accompany them at a distance for defensive purposes.' There was a murmur from the gathering.

'The people I have selected are Nikolaus the Brave, and Sam Baylissimo: they are people we can rely on, and who will require our support.'
Nikolaus looked around him quickly, but met nothing but the admiring glances of his fellow UCPOites.
'What? Me?!' He looked up with increasing panic at the Mighty Kendall. 'Why me?'
'Because you have proven your bravery and I have entrusted this important mission to you,' she said.
'But I don't want to go,' said Nikolaus. 'It's a crazy idea. I'm no hero.'
The Mighty Kendall smiled. 'Be that as it may, go you will.' She looked around her. 'Who here trusts Nikolaus to represent UCPO on this journey?'
Predictably, a large cheer rent the air. Nikolaus shoved his hands in his pockets and said, 'Yeah, great. Thanks everyone.'
'Are you willing to accept this responsibility, Sam?' asked the Mighty Kendall.
'Sure. Why not?'
'Then it is agreed. You will set off tomorrow.'

Daniel sat back in his leather seat with a dreamy look in his eyes. The great brass horn of his palace had brought this exchange to his ears, and a sweeter voice he had not heard. He sighed. Sam. Sam Baylissimo. What he wouldn't give to hear more of that voice. He imagined those two setting out on their adventure together, and suddenly hate twisted his features. Nikolaus! He could not be allowed to have Sam to himself. Daniel cast about desperately for a solution, and before long, one presented itself to him.

He templed his fingers contemplatively. 'I say! You, there! Bring Mifflum to me.' The clone obediently trotted out of the room. After a short while, an odd creature silently crept through the door. It was thin, and tall, but it stooped as if it didn't want to be tall. It wore a thin beard, but its most distinctive feature was an oversized floppy blue hat.
It spoke. 'Yes, Daniel?'
'Sam Baylissimo and Nikolaus "the Brave" will set off tomorrow from the UCPO capital city for the halls of Robert of Nimmo. Not only do they carry something that belongs to me, but Sam is to be a guest in my palace, at the earliest possible opportunity. Find them, bring me Sam, and if you can wrest the Spoon of Glory from their clutches, it is yours. You may take the attack hamsters to help you.'

Mifflum grinned slowly. 'Yes, Daniel.'

Chapter 6

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