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Regular event: Post-rehearsal pub trip

There is a trip to the Castle Inn (or the County Arms, or other suitable pub) after every St Giles rehearsal, and a trip to Robinson College bar after any Selwyn Diamond rehearsals. We highly recommend joining these trips to the pub, as they are always lively and intelligent, and itís a great opportunity to meet your fellow musicians.

Not-so-regular events


These happen on demand, in various places around Cambridge, invariably followed by a visit to a pub. Details will be circulated on soc-ucpo-misc, so make sure youíre on the list.


There are also sporadic cheese nights on the menu (thatís dancing to cheesy 80s music rather than consumption of dairy products), AKA soc-ucpo-dancing. It would seem that the chosen venue for this is Soul Tree of a Thursday night, though if it ever happens again that Iím the only person there who DOESNíT know all the words to Britney Spears songs, Iíll be seriously rethinking the company I keep.


Other not-so-regular events include picnics on Midsummer Common, or roving picnics along the river. Again, youíll hear about these if you join our soc-ucpo-misc mailing list.

Past events

UCPO Annual Dinner 2010

You are all warmly invited to the 2010 UCPO Annual Dinner. It will be held at Newnham College on Saturday 20 February, starting at 8.00 p.m., meeting in Newnham bar from 7.30 p.m.

The menu will be:
Cured Salmon with Lemon, Beetroot and Yoghurt dressing (vegetarian: Rich Tomato and Basil Soup with Parmesan Croutes)
Fillet of Suffolk Pork, Butternut Squash, Chive and Gorgonzola Cheese sauce (vegetarian: Pesto, Butterbean Bake Flat Mushrooms, with Sundried Tomato & Tarragon Sauce)
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

The cost will vary according to what you wish to drink:
£27.15 to drink the wine provided by Newnham College
£25.30 to bring a bottle of your own wine (includes corkage at £3.25 per bottle)
£21.00 for non-alcoholic drinks (orange juice and water)
Both of the alcoholic options include a glass of port after the dessert.

Payment should be as a cheque made out to 'UCPO' or as cash given to Mike McLean (Pembroke) or to Jo Shak (Magdalene). Final numbers are needed by Friday 12 February so if you'd like to come (and you do, really, you do) you need to reply to Mike McLean by then (email address is on the committee page). We also need to know any dietary requirements you have, what you will be drinking, and the names of three or four people you might like to be near (optional and not a guarantee).

The dinner is always a great event, a chance to meet previous members of the orchestra and enjoy one another's company and to use your dinner jacket for once! The more that come, the better the evening, so please do come if you're free; you'll definitely enjoy it.

UCPO Annual Dinner 2009

The UCPO Annual Dinner took place on the evening of 21 February.

The menu was as follows:

Grilled Tiger Prawn Skewers with charentais melon and beetroot oil
(Veggies: Smoked Tomato tart with parmesan, grilled crottin and basil dressing)

Panfriend Breast of corn-fed Guinea Fowl with salsify, leeks and a garlic cream sauce
(Potato Gnocchi with wild mushrooms and parmesan)

Chocolate and Chestnut torte with vanilla cream

Coffee, petits fours

The price was £22 per person, regardless of meal.

It was a very fun night, with highlights including Amy appearing with pint in hand, wearing some very interesting spiky goggles, Dan, Cara and Amy falling off the couch, various people falling fast asleep (I won't mention Mark's, Matt's or Paul's names so as not to embarrass them), and pancakes in Mihai's kitchen at 4am. Many, many photos were posted on Facebook by Cara.

Thursday 4 December: soc-ucpo-christmas and soc-ucpo-dancing. Christmas function at the Anchor involving mulled wine and dancing at Soul Tree. Yay!

The Live and Let Live on Mawson Road (off Mill Road) next Monday (17 November 2008) at 6 p.m., followed by curry at the Curry Queen on Mill Road at 7.30 p.m. RSVP to Dan at social[-at-]

The Free Press . . . Thursday 10 July . . . 7.30 p.m. . . come one, come all. Even if you don't like Nik.

Say cheese?

Ashleigh kindly hosted an evening of wine and cheese (yes, of the dairy variety this time) on Saturday 5 July. It was intended that the leftover wine from the term would be consumed, but everyone brought more, so poor Ash has got just as much as he started with, along with most of the Giant Cheddar (I wish I'd got a photo).

End-of-year garden party

The traditional attempt to keep the Easter post-concert party going into the next day continued in 2008. The garden party took place on Wednesday 18 June, at Pedro's house. 'Twas most fun, even if the frisbee didn't fly properly due to the big chunk out of the side (well that's my excuse anyway).

You can email the committee with queries about upcoming social events, or indeed suggestions as to new ones. Join our Facebook group as well, in case some functions are advertised there (and you can also help to promote our concerts).

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