In the Pub

The pub is an essential part of UCPO life. In fact we even have our photo on the wall in the Mill, a memento of the days when WCSO rehearsed in Peterhouse. When the West Cambridge Symphony Orchestra moved east to the Wesley Methodist Church out past Christ's we used to haunt the King Street Run. A very nice pub (was!!! AB) which had a disemboweled Timpano on the wall.

Great WCSOites in History

As we are now rehearsing at St Giles Church, pub trips have commenced again in earnest. This is much better than having to make do with the delights of Robinson bar for the post rehearsal slot when we were at the Selwyn Diamond. Pub trips continue through the holidays for those of us who aren't undergrads (or even those undergrads who hang around during vacation) - make sure you're on the lists to find out when...

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