Easter 2008

Main concert in the Fellows' Garden of Emmanuel College (thanks to Danielle and Vicki for the photos)

Apart from the windy weather (guaranteed if you schedule an outdoor concert), this was a nice event. We had a deceptively large audience, the music sounded good, and at least it didn't rain.

And Nik didn't use his Bizet joke once [collective sigh of relief].

Easter 2008 concert - Tchaik

Easter 2008 concert - bow

Easter 2008 concert - Lottie

Easter 2008 concert - Nik

Easter 2008 concert - Nik

Post-concert party (thanks to Vicki for the photos)

On Queens' backs. As usual. Although this time there was a pickled onion war . . . Unfortunately, Amy was hurling them too fast to be captured on film.

Easter 2008 party Ash

Ashleigh enjoying a well-earned break between the rehearsal and the concert.

Easter 2008 party Amy (with corn chip) and Dan

Amy, corn chip and Dan. And yes, Dan WAS drinking out of the bottle.

Easter 2008 party first pizza

The first pizza instalment.

Easter 2008 party second pizza

And the second.

Easter 2008 party JC and Liz

JC doesn't normally look this morose.

Easter 2008 party Amy, Assassin

The Assassin. Be afraid. Be exceptionally afraid. And those aren't just koalas; they're trained attack koalas.

Easter 2008 party the water fight begins

And the water fight begins.

Easter 2008 party Mihai

Mihai exhibiting levels of evilness I didn't know she had.

Easter 2008 party fridge

How a 'fridge' made of pizza boxes is meant to protect anyone from anything is beyond me.

Easter 2008 party refilling the weapon


Easter 2008 party attacking Amy

I would imagine that Amy had invited retaliation.

Easter 2008 party Amy and Pedro after swapping clothing

Oh dear. The more observant of you will have noticed the clothing swap that has taken place. Even the least observant of you will have noticed the forest of clothes pegs.

Garden Party (thanks again to Vicki for the photos)

At Pedro's.

Easter 2008 garden party 1

Easter 2008 garden party 2

Easter 2008 garden party Ed

At least we made Ed earn his keep, AND we persuaded him to go to Selwyn May Ball.

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