Easter 2006 - Post-concert party on Queens' backs (thanks to Harriet for the photos)

If anyone has any more photos of this term, please let me know.

Easter 2006 post-concert party - Bob attacking Phil

We're not sure what Phil did wrong, but Bob saw fit to make him pay for it. This started a huge game of tag, which unfortunately wasn't captured photographically. While Bob was tearing around the backs, someone planted a folder of viola music in his case, which he didn't find for a while - not until after he'd been taken to music-sec hell and back. Naughty people! I wonder who it was.

Easter 2006 post-concert party - How NOT to open a bottle

Episode I: How not to open a bottle. Stay tuned for Episode II, which involves a cello spike.

I think UCPO should have learned its lesson now, about making sure that SOMEONE'S got a bottle opener

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