Michaelmas 2004 - Post-baby social

In practice, there were more people from Main than from Baby, including most of the old guard and a few new faces to boot. A nice civilised evening at ASK and the Pick, with lots of balloons and party poppers.

01-JennyJon 02-ChrisJim 03-ClaireDave 04-ChrisFlufflyHat

Chris liked Frankie's hat.

05-DaveScaryGrin 06-HelenMischevious 07-JonConfused 08-Jim 09-MadFan 10-JenPartyPoppers 11-Random 12-Pickerel

After the meal we went off to the Pick for drinks.

13-Pedro 14-ColdFanAlix 15-SimonBeer 16-DaveAlison 17-SimonUnderTable 18-SimonUnderTable2

No, I don't know why Simon's down there either.

These indices were created in imitation of Thotor

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