Post-concert party, Lent Term 2004

A nice party, in Alison's room, with lots of chocolate and couples. Including the infamous photos of Gnome's ring...

AlisonAsleep AlisonAsleepWithHat CloseUpGnome CloseUpHarris CloseUpHarris2 CloseUpJimbo CloseUpMark CloseUpSue CrapSocks DaveHat DaveHat2 DaveSBlurry DaveSFlexible DaveWFlexible EmmyHat Fan GnomeJimbo GnomeJimboRing GnomeJimboSnack Harris HarrisHat HarrisHat2 HarrisPhone HarrisSue HarrisSueBlurry HarrisSueCute HarrisSueVeryBlurry HelenAsleep HelenAsleep2 HelenClare HiddenCouple JamesGnome JimboExtremeCloseUp JimboGnome Mark Mark2 MarkEmmy MarkEmmyAlison MarkFootMassage MatchingSocks MoreSocks PedroJennieColourCoordinated PhilEmmy-1 PhilEmmy PhilGnome PhilHat PhilLeaves PhilMakingAPoint SueHat TiredPeople VickiR

The Baby party that term was a rather washed-out affair - we couldn't find a venue, so wandered around in the rain splitting into smaller and smaller groups. One contingent ended up in Chris's room and was recorded for posterity by Jon...

chris jen&sarah matt michael&sarah richard sarah&frankie

Thanks to Dave Welchew and Jon S for these photos.

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