Post-concert party, Easter 2004

A truly epic party in Selwyn MCR, featuring face-paints, coffee (in more ways than one), board games, tickling Harris, and the one and only homoerotic punt paddle. I've tried to group it very roughly in chronological order, but I doubt anybody remembers it clearly enough to get the sequence quite right...

A_AssortedPeople A_BeckyHarris A_ClareAlex A_Group A_GroupBlurry A_HarrisHidingBehindJohn A_HarrisSueDaveAlison A_HelenSten A_HelenSten2 A_NotSureWho A_Richard A_RobGlowing A_ScaredSue A_fpe A_marie A_sarah&sis

I'm not sure exactly how and why the punt paddle came out, nor why we started hitting each other with it, but this and this certainly had something to do with it.

B_AlisonOar B_BeckyOar B_BeckyOarNoFlash B_CloseupAlex B_CloseupHarris B_CloseupPossiblySue B_CloseupProbablyClare

If you can tell who those closeups are, then I'm impressed.

B_DaveAlison B_DaveAlisonNotKissing B_EdwithPringles1 B_EdwithPringles2 B_FanAsleep B_FrankiePhil B_HarrisEmail B_MattPedroEd B_RobNotThrowingUp B_SarahClareAlex B_ScaryFrankie B_SleepyPeople B_TomBecky B_TomCaffeinated B_TomwithBook2 B_frankie1 B_harris B_mattsarah B_welchew

Somewhere around this point we discovered the coffee and the cupboardful of board games and face paints. It's a good MCR, even though the milk in the fridge was open, half-empty and two months out of date...

C_AlisonAsleep C_Cranium C_DaveJonFrankie C_DavePedroPainted C_EdAsleep C_EdPainted

Geography, seen from Cambridge:

C_MapoftheUK C_PedroDrinking C_PhilWriting C_PossiblyJonS C_RudeScrabble C_UnsuccessfulShoelaceTrick

We realised it was getting late when Mark and Emmy turned up, straight from the survivors photo of Robinson May Ball. I don't think any single person made it right through, but the party just about survived continuously to the garden party at New Hall the next afternoon.

D_BBQBecky D_BBQHarris D_BBQHelenandSten D_BBQManyMorePeople D_BBQManyPeople D_BBQMark D_BBQMorePeople D_BBQRob D_BBQStillMorePeople D_BBQmarkemmy

Thanks to Dave Welchew and Jon S for these photos.

These indices were created in imitation of Thotor

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