2001 Michaelmas Formal Hall Photos

Anna arranged a formal hall in Fitz, which was followed by a party at Angela's house... a few of these shots are also from other Michaelmas parties (the ones of Alex's room in particular, thank you Mr. Cameron)

Alex Alex_2 Angela Chocolate Chris_2 Clare_2 Clare_and_Richard DaveS_and_Angela DaveSim_and_Angela_2 Ellie Ellie_2 Gnome Gnome_2 Gnome_3 Gnome_and_Angela Hair Hair_2 Jon Josephine Josephine_dances Mark_and_Angela Mark_and_Angela_2 Oli_and_Clare Someone_tell_me_who_this_is Vikki Becky_and_Nick Chris_3 Francesca_again God_knows Mark_and_Harris MarkS_and_ Francesca MarkS_and_someone_hiding Nick_and_Clare Random_people Smart_people

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