2001 Michaelmas Post-Concert Party Photos

By now, we're accumulating photos so fast that managing them becomes tricky... hence the current system... most of these followed the Baby concert (I'm not sure what happened after the main concert, I was watching Pulp).

Becky Chris Chris_2 Clare DaveS DaveS_2 DaveS_Breasts Francesca Francesca_2 Francesca_and_Chris Francesca_and_DaveS Francesca's_Back Francesca's_Back_2 Harris Harris_and_Francesca Harris_gut Harris_Tickled Jon Jon_and_Francesca Josephine MarkP MarkP_and_Francesca MarkP_and_Francesca_2 MarkS More_People Pair_of_Spammers Paul_and_Francesca PaulB People Richard_and_Francesca RichardO RichardO_2 Rob Rob_2 Rob_and_Francesca Singers Sleep Tights Tom Tom_and_Francesca

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