2001 Easter Photos

An Easter formal hall...

Everyone James Kathryn Kathryn_2 People_2 Rob

...and another... exams anyone?

Beccy_Mark Becky Frogsie_Nick_and_Kathryn Gnome_Nick_James_and_Clare Harris_Tickle Nick_and_Simon Becky_Rob Cath_and_Long-Suffering_Harris Cath_Beccy_Becky Harris_Clare_and_Alex Nick_James_and Clare John_Cath John_Jon_Kathryn Kathryn_3 Mark People_drinking Rohan_John People_eating Nick_James_and_Clare Rob_Becky Tom

The WCSO garden party 2001 - featuring the water guns introduced the year before, and possibly the best ever photos of Simon and John...

Becky_2 Becky_being_thrown_into_Churchill_pond Becky_being_thrown_into_Churchill_pond_2 Becky_Harris Cath_Mark Cath_Nick Garden_party Garden_party_2 Garden_party_3 Garden_party_4 Harris_Nick Rob_Fi Sarah_John_Cath Sarah_Simon_Cath Simon_Clare

2001 Group Photo (the only one we had done professionally)


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