2000 Easter Photos

This was a very busy (and very dodgy) term. The black and white photos were taken at two parties over the Easter holiday - one in Beccy's room, the other at Dr. Mark's new house (his last ever WCSO party - with particularly nice food)

Beccy_and_Nick Beccy_and_Nick_with_alcohol Beccy_feeding_Nick Beccy_still_feeding_Nick Dave_pissed Frogsie_and_Aoife_2 Sarah_Dancing Suzie_Dancing

A Peterhouse formal hall was followed by handcuff dodginess around the Mill Pool, and a party in Dave's room of which there is a video.

Helen_and_Karen_levitate_a_plate Handcuffs Mel_and_Beccy Mel_and_Beccy_2 Mel_and_Becky James_the_Stripper

The post-concert party rated as one of our most debauched ever...

Everyone_off_to_get_pissed Cath_and_Dave_looking_pervy Dave_and_James Dave_forced_into_dress Dave_the_Rum_Slut Evil_Dave James_and_Cath James_with_Hat Ummmm_-_Boaties

The summer barbecue

Frogsie_and_Aoife Harris_in_shades

Occasional extra parties happened all term... remember, WCSO doesn't stab you in the back. It shaves it.

Becky_shaving_Dave Beccy_wails Harris_tickled

The silly and smart group photos for 2000...

WCSO_Group_Photo_silly WCSO_Group_Photo_smart

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