1999 Lent Photos

I think this party happened in Lent... I could be wrong... not sure who hosted it either...

Cath_and_John Cath_demonstrates_she_used_to_be_in_Sheila Charles_Sarah_John_and_Cath_study_the_programme_hard Dan_and_Mark Dave_W_with_a_silly_hat John_asleep_-_as_always Sarah_needs_port Sebi_Comatose

The formal hall started with at Clare with dogfood dish and the Cellars, before we moved to Catherine's room for our fastest-ever portering (under a minute). We then moved to Sarah's room in Newnham, where Mark snaked. Sarah had to face her Senior Tutor the following morning...

People_in_Clare_Cellars Dave_blowing_bubbles Dr.Mark_and_Cath Harris_2 Mark_snaking Melanie

After the concert, Dr. Mark threw an excellent post-concert party with very nice food and much dodginess.

Cath_and_Mark Cath_and_Mark_2 Dr.Mark Harris John Mark Not_sure Sebi

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