Photos from 1998

These photos are from the Michaelmas formal hall 1998 in Newnham - although the social side of the orchestra got moving in Lent/Easter of the previous academic year. The evening started with the meal, moved onto the bar, and ended in Sarah's room. Charles' original gossip-enhanced version can be seen here...

Bowzer Evil Richard Harris Natasha Natasha_2 Natasha_with_Dodgy_Umbrella Richard_with_Dodgy_Umbrella Sarah Suzi

Our summer concert was made interesting by lots and lots of rain - the first and last outdoor concert we've ever done. At the end of the year we had time for silly Christmas rehearsal, and all swapped instruments...

Sarah_Charles_and_Dave Rehearsal Summer_Concert_Photo Sarah_teaching_Michael_the_Way_of_the_Clarinet The_instrument_swap

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