The First Known Committees

Details of the orchestra's committees before the website was created have been provided by Matthew Wilshee:


  • Neil Esslemont (Pembroke) Chairman
  • Hugh Houghton (St. John's) Conductor / Treasurer
  • Richard FitzHugh (Trinity) Conductor
  • Emma Rawlins (Girton) Librarian
  • Dot Georgeson (Peterhouse) Membership Secretary
  • Emily Baker (Newnham)


The committee was initially the same as the previous year, with Matthew co-opted at the start of Michaelmas 1996. However, several committee members graduated, and the committee from Michaelmas 1997 was as follows:

  • Emma Rawlins (Girton) Chairman, Librarian
  • Chris Sims (Trinity) Treasurer
  • Matthew Wilshee (Churchill) Membership Secretary
  • Madeleine [surname currently unknown] (King's) Conductor

Emma, Chris and Madeline both quit at the end of the Michaelmas term, leaving Matthew as chairman until the AGM.


  • Matthew Wilshee (Churchill) - Chairman
  • Claire Athey (Newnham) - Membership Secretary
  • Richard Neill (Trinity) - Treasurer
  • Michael Brown (Emmanuel) - Conductor
  • Charles Fox (Clare) - Webmaster
  • Sarah Williams (Newnham) - Secretary, Social Secretary

Richard introduced coffee breaks into rehearsals, which in turn encouraged post-rehearsal trips to the Mill for drinks - thus catalysing the development of the orchestra's social side. Parties held by Charles and Sarah (amongst others) also contributed to this. This new emphasis greatly improved player retention, and marked the start of a new era for WCSO. The mailing lists (including the notorious soc-wcso-misc) and website were also created around this time.

For committees beyond this point, see the individual committee pages (note that Claire married Michael in the summer of 1998)...

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