UCPO Committee 2009-2010

Feel free to contact any of the following people, who will be happy to answer any questions about UCPO.

Richard Mifsud Richard (Miffy) Mifsud - Chair Jo Shak Jo Shak - Treasurer Ross Hartley Ross Hartley - Membership secretary
Cara Taylor Cara Taylor - Venues secretary Daniel Wagner-Hall Daniel Wagner-Hall - Music secretary Mike McLean Mike McLean - Social secretary
Angela Bennett Angela Bennett - Webmaster/publicity Fei Li Fei Li - Secretary Louisa Denby Louisa Denby - Conductor
Nik Myers Nik Myers - Conductor Mark Galtrey Mark Galtrey - Conductor William Norris William Norris - Conductor

You can email the whole committee on soc-ucpo-committee[-at-]lists.cam.ac.uk, but please try to email an individual if possible (i.e. if you're interested in joining, please email the membership secretary).

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