UCPO Committee 2006-2007

Feel free to contact any of the following people, who will be happy to answer any questions about UCPO:

Mihai Swift Mihai Swift - Chair Harriet Johnston Harriet Johnston - Treasurer Phil Howie Phil Howie - Membership Secretary
Katharine Hubbard Katharine Hubbard - Webmaster David Ponting David Ponting - Venues Manager Bob Nimmo Bob Nimmo - Music Librarian
Sarah Kendall Sarah Kendall - Secretary Ed Sanjana - Social Secretary Mark Galtrey Mark Galtrey - Conductor
Stephen Lawrence Stephen Lawrence - Conductor Katharine Hubbard - Conductor

You can email the whole committee on committee[-at-]ucpo.org.uk

Several committees have been here before - the old WCSO committees have been recorded for as long as the post of webmaster has existed... if anyone would like some previous committees adding, let me know...

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