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Oliver Seal


Oliver Seal is a second year student at Girton College studying Physics.

Oliver's first instrument is the violin, which he has been playing since he was 6 years old. At the age of 10,he was offered a place at the Junior School of the Royal Northern College of Music ("J.R.N.C.M"). He remained there between 1992-1999, commuting from Nottingham to Manchester for weekly violin, piano and musicality lessons. During this period, Oliver received violin lessons from Penny Stirling and Katie Wearing, both recognised as experts in string teaching. He now receives occasional lessons from Derek Williams - who as well as being an excellent teacher is a highly rated conductor.

Oliver is also an experienced orchestral player. He has led the second violins in the J.R.N.C.M. Orchestra and has co-lead Nottingham Youth Orchestra. He has recently been both W.C.S.O.'s leader and lead its sister orchestra, the West Cambridge Sinphonia.

In May 2001, Oliver was appointed as one of the four W.C.S.O. conductors. His Cambridge conducting debut was given last term with the West Cambridge Sinphonia, although his conducting career first began in 1999 when he co-conducted Westside Story with Karren Howe, who is now the musical director of University of Cambridge Concert Band. This concert is the first time he has conducted the West Cambridge Symphony orchestra.

Oliver tries to maintain his interest in composition. At the J.R.N.C.M he was given tutition in composition by Andrew Keeling. Oliver's most recent project was the co-composition of the music to the recent critically acclaimed play "Shut Up and Listen" by Joe Smith.

Oliver's other interests include Amateur Dramatics, Golf and Cricket.

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