Subject: Minutes 1st March

1. Apologies
Present: Beccy, Mark, Clare, Chris, Nick, Stephen, James, Jonathon,
Richard, Anna.

2. Minutes of last meeting

i) Photos - Jon got prices from Eaden Lilley. They
probably won't do Sunday evenings and there is insufficient time before
the concert, therefore photo to be taken next term.

ii) T-shirts. Currently about 10 people e-mailed an interest.

iii) Sponsorship. Nick to tart up the letter and e-mail a copy to the
committee list.

iv) Insurance. Now on the policy that instruments are owned by WCSO.

v) Minutes are now on the web - James to sort out links so that they work.

3. This term's concert

Wednesday 7th - only have Churchill recital room atm.(?)
Sat 10th 2-5pm - CUMS wind band have a concert that afternoon so some
people won't be able to make it (e.g. Rachel and Alex).
Jon to try and book somewhere (Churchill Chapel) for 2-5pm on Sat.(?)
Sun 11th - Richard to find out if it would be possible to rehearse in the
chapel in the afternoon, but not to change any bookings yet.

ii) Percussion.
Xylophone - Richard to find out if it's collapsible. If so Nick to pay for
hire (???). Not hiring if it's not collapsible.
To hire cheapest tam tam and bass drum.
TCMS timps - James to arrange hiring of these.

iii) People.
Everything sorted except harp. Needed for Kach and Rach.
Jon and Mark both to ask potentials.

Basses - Chris and Jon to ask potentials.

iv) Posters - out.
Programmes - Nick needs an autobiog. from Stephen.

Mark to see what he can do. Will need volunteers to help carry things on
the afternoon.

vi) Tickets.
Mark to get approx. 100 card tickets to Richard ASAP to be sold through
Trinity plodge.
Pre-payment vouchers to be given out to orchestra (on distinctive coloured
paper so they're obviously different to the tickets).
Beccy needs 2 vouchers for the drum shop.
Mark to give 2 tickets to the WCSO senior treasurer.

vii) Stewards.
Need 2 juniors and 1 senior, (from Trinity).
James and Richard to sort out.

viii) Refreshments.
Usually do Mini rolls and economy orange juice @ 50p each for audience.
Cheap fairy cakes and juice free to orchestra.
Anna to buy for concert.

ix) Details.
Chris to walk on seperately.
Dress - DJ's / all black. Tell orchestra this in next weeks e-mail.
Nick to have clergy vestry to change in.

4. Tour

Ideas atm - short (3 day) tour in this country. Concerts in
diff. venues on 2-3 consecutive days. Stay in hostels. Base around small
orchestra with popular programme.
End of Sept. may be best time. Would need to rehearse in Cambridge for a
few days 1st.
Transport - either: Hire a coach or tell people to make their own way
Costs: transport, 3 nights hostel accommodation,food, concert halls.
Suggested places: Norfolk, Bury St. Edmunds, Cotswolds. OR stay in
Camb. and travel out to do concerts e.g. in Ely / Peterborough / Norwich

Beccy to investigate possible venues in Norfolk.


i) Lateness - conductor to start at 7.30 prompt so that people will know
if they're late.

ii) Front desks / section leaders. Need continuity, if someone is missing
for 2/3 rehearsals Clare to 'gently lean on them'. If miss more than half
the rehearsals someone else should lead.

6. Next terms music

i) Definately doing Bruch.


1st choice = Vaughan-Williams London Symphony.(Available generally)
2nd choice = Bax 4th symph. (subject to Chris' descision on whether it's
playable). Available from Birmingam.

Also considered:
Bruckner 4, Nielson 1,3 and 4.


1st choice = Tchaikovsky March Slave
2nd        = Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet
3rd        = Dvorak Carnival
4th        = Arnold Tam o Shanter (available from Leicester only)

Also considered:
Elgar Cockaigne; Brahms Academic Festival Overture; Wagner
Tanhaiser; Wagner Ride of the Valkyries; Glinka Ruslan and
Ludminna; Copeland An Outdoor overture; Dvorak Scherzo Capriciosso; Lizt
Les Preludes; 1812; Nielson Helios; Berlioz March to the Scaffold.

Stephen to conduct concerto.
Nick to conduct overture and symphony.

===============================THE END============================