WCSO Committee 2000-2001

Feel free to contact any of the following people, who will be happy to answer any questions about WCSO:

Richard "Port and Stilton" Neill - Treasurer Michael "Caroline" Brown - Conductor Claire "with an I" Brown - secretary Stephen "and his beard" Lawrence - Conductor
Chris "Ooh, Mel's arse" Phelps - Sock Sec Andy "Fan of Girl's College Geographers" Froggat David "No, I'm not Dilbert" Harris - Webmaster Sebastian "I am dog" Bleasdale - Conductor
Nick "Not Nasty Nick" Zaklama - Conductor Beccy "Nutella" Hancox - Chairwoman and secondary WCSO sex object. Picture removed due to being hit with sticks.

You can email the whole committee on soc-wcso-committee[-at-]lists.cam.ac.uk

If you're really bored, you can read the WCSO constitution.