The Wonderful World of UCPO Misc

Ever wondered what to do when you've accidentally severed your Internet cable during a spate of drunken midnight gardening? How to catch a runaway hamster? How to solve that tricky maths equation? What piano music to play when you've broken a finger on your left hand? How to find somewhere to live?

Or does something infuriate you and you just need to get it off your chest?

If the answers are yes, look no further.

The UCPO mailing list, Misc (AKA 'the oracle'), is a way for past and present UCPOites to keep in touch to share wacky news stories, seek technical advice, intelligently discuss current affairs, attempt to solve the world's problems, or just arrange a get-together for curry and a pint. We must warn any potential new recruits that it is so fun that it's addictive.

You can join by clicking the link to the left, and you can even post by clicking a different link at the left (and adjusting the anti-spam address accordingly).

The composition of Misc

Misc according to Pedro:

'Studies Have Shown that half of misc enjoy being armchair linguists, and half the rest are or were actual bona fide linguists. Somewhat fewer are amateur compscis or natscis, and very few tend to play at being doctors, lawyers, mathmos, or boaties . . .'

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