UCPO AGM, 30th January 2002.

Start time: 9:00pm.
Venue: Selwyn Diamond.

1. Constitution

The changes to the constitution were voted in.

2. Election of named posts

The candidates standing were as follows:

Chair: Simon Smith
Treasurer: Mihai Swift
Membership Secretary: Helen Eburah
Music Secretary: Harriet Johnston
Webmaster: Stefan Fraczek

3. Treasurer's report

At the start of the year UCPO had £1,060, which rose to £1,400 at the end of the year (the rise mostly explained by the successful ‘Main’ concert in Michaelmas 2004). Music hire over the course of the year came to £1,000, and venues hire came to £1,700. The total publicity cost was around £350. It was concluded that in general, using better venues did not generate more money. It was mentioned that some of the extra money gained this year may be needed for more extravagant music hire next term.

4. Elections

Everyone standing was elected.

5. Election of unnamed posts

David Holland was the only candidate for an unnamed post and he was elected.

6. Any other business

A vote of thanks was proposed for the outgoing committee.

The meeting closed at 21:30.

Meeting closed.

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