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Since February 2002, any links that get posted to the mailing lists generally wind up in the digest. These links have now been collected here, for your time-wasting pleasure... recently, particularly good links have started being highlighted as well.

January 2003: - kill the student buskers - for the machugger in your life - exposing some urban myths - Kitschmas - fuckwit of the month - need a gift idea? - before the days of the forwarded e-mail joke... - the net should be restricted to those over 18... Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You,3604,867823,00.html - bizarre news - kittens - scary kittens... - infuriating news of the month - unusual clocks - trolling on a national scale - your chance for a bath with Gareth Gates... - goddamn govermnent - animated Mel... - violin repair - learn a new language - cartoons of the month - which Russian composer are you? - Pullman online - access... - which OS are you? - State of the Union drinking game... - game of the month - and another - and /another/ - one more - creationism on A4 paper... - OK, one more... - the bells...

December 2002: more than one female smurf... rhymes chuckles evilly big noise pointless research talk about a pedantic definition... formal hall pics vs. all Queens' mathmos are the same person... weird Norfolk people curses the school run not actually a pisstake silly news story OTD shoyu!,12544,842591,00.html muahahaha new look for Harris rail travel for the indecisive[longlink] immature link OTD (check the clothing recommendations) if you keep playing with it it'll fall off mathmo humour evil things done with lego personality testing nice streaming music acronyms fling the cow note be-afro'd Jon DIY Bush speech world's worst help desk when you really need glistening skin check out the movie... poor dog... chlorophyll does /what/ now? and Chris Morris[longlink] stupid site OTD Dave moonlighting? and Simon and vs. teenage angst bullshit diary yes, losing diaries is a bad idea... strangely beautiful Nick wearing tights? software tasteless really tasteless can you tell your arse from your elbow?[longlink] well-reviewed old but good, based on game of the day santa is satan! do you have demons in your colon? laptop in bed = bad idea,7492,853835,00.html awful statistics, but funny cook the beans traditional christian values Star Trek slash meets flash... frustrating... yet another Landover link :)

November 2002: - geek humour - SUM FAQ... - insane physicists (read the bottom section) - It's worse than we thought - CV page 'full of ming' says Rob... - anyone know a female Canaries fan? - ever been cold-called? - everything I do... - terms and conditions - phoneline symphony in MIDI - and now - the oral sex! - instant eye-strain - spot the lack of red brick - Anyone for a game of... - DaveS vs Harry Potter - this is anal - bad bad Blue Peter person - music[long url] - melting dogs - spot the UCPOite *blows own trumpet* - download all this
href=" - party generator - Pedro's mum... ...and dad Patrick Moore plays the xylophone! - no comment :) - conspiracy of the day - Mel moonlighting - *kicks society* - making politics more interesting - insane bloke of the day - join the UCPO syndicate

October 2002:[longlink] - no comment - timewasting - more timewasting - rip-off charges - Dave Sim Lives Here - fingerings - random... - more gigs for Jon and Rob... - 'the future of UCPO baby' - blatant plug - need a house? - more of the same - Tom's g/f has a manifesto - Wolfenstein 5k... - Window Pong (probably Windows only, sorry) - Jesus wants you to cut your hair, you hippie freak - TruthMedia do all the best reviews :)[longlink] - fucked up news story of the day - bad t-shirt designs - a different sort of free music - Star Wars Gangsta Rap - for all you evil geniuses - timewasting for professionals - nostalgia - how much was that poo worth? - know your limit :) - daily antiBushism (Bush Sr. this time) - sick sick sick - table football - strange listening

August 2002: - when CompScis go insane - interesting toy - what muppet are you? - see company number 03783485 - does anyone get this apart from me? - bonus UCPO photos - courtesy of Nick - owwww... - had too little sleep and too many beatings? - advertisers are the spawn of satan - caffeeeeeeine - for those of you with access to Nature ( or subscribers)

June 2002: - language of the day - ntk-powered google searches - one of Rob's finds... - somehow more horrible than the above - beer! - good teaching practise - not sure what to say - safe sex... - The Shocking Truth! - Americans vs Masturbation - The truth behind evolution... - the URL speaks for itself - axis of just as evil... - interesting headline - not quite what it seems... - I am Chewbacca! - For disaffected students,11224,723341,00.html - football fans - crimes against Simon and Garfunkel - more of the same - what effect did Cambridge have on you? - to assist in translation... - not sure how to describe this - please, please, /please/ someone vote her out - would've made the concert programme more interesting - nasty nasty nasty - funnier, but geekier :) - the Cosmic Finger of Friendship's never too late (well...) - Potassium: The new DHMO - positive side of the World Cup result - what you weren't told in your driving lessons - antidepressant? - Check the opening line of the book - Tom's Dad makes /. - read some of the comments :P - Buttockistry

May 2002:

Interestingly, the first run of sites (starting with all appear to have vanished... - Annoying Americans (I) - unintentional fashion item du jour - (fes27: "Ahh, his mug's full in the picture") - 'Traditional' US fundamentalism - the same thing, but making marginally more sense - bizarre brass sleeping bag action - what no Village People? - philosophy... - Caius food 'not the worst in the world' - housemates... - pick your own phobia - shaggy dog story - be a Mr. Man - old ladies vs. Slipknot - Ladies win :),6903,710335,00.html - Annoying Americans (II) - Rush Limbaugh Eats Everything! - WCSOite in the Independent - missing the point - Harris did not do anything gossipworthy with someone at the bottom of this page this lunchtime

March 2002: - missing 'old-style' WCSO music? - chris ageing too fast - dance, monkeyboy - hasta la revolutione siempre - how to cook an egg - be scared - D&D - Teddy Borg - pretty - obscene patents 'fun' censorware - naturists - it's the end of the world as we know it - what's wrong with this picture? - obspam - get Rob a blow job - what's your political orientation? - so much for easy money

February 2002: - maths-music fun,11381,645672,00.html - MMR - Ali G and... - any relation? - silly games - toy or pony? - annoying pro-lifers - cure cancer - George Bush or Iggy Pop?

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